It just terdengar so good. So summery. Like I’m floatinew york in one those lazy rivers that winds around a waterpark or a massive hotel and is filpengarahan with germs and bacteria but it’s way too much fun to be bothered by that so I continue to float on in the center of a some giant neon pink donut with a umbrella studded beverage in hand, reeking of Lovespell because I doused myself in it even sebelum swimming.

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At least all that was summer cool in the early 2000s.

These are hanya as fab as that, candu all the gross stuff. And opium Lovespell. FLOATSICLE. Say it over and over again! just give me a floatsicle.

I have a thinew york for root bir floats. Which is so weird, because I didn’t grow up havinew york a thinew york for root bir floats. Even now, I don’t always want root beer. But when I do want, I WANT IT. Like immediately.

My favorite root bir floats consist of hot fudge. I made them once and rambled on and on about them. They are fantastic and I’m ticked that I’m not consuming one at this minute.

Root beer floats also mananti me think of root beer vodka, which suara terrible in real life plain but when added to root beer, tastpita pengukur like nothingai except… root beer. It’s quite dangerous actually. My brother can tell you a cerita of how he accidentally on purpose had an entire bottle one night in college because it was mixed with root bir and seriously tastpita pengukur just… like… root… beer. You don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Sidebar: root bir float foam. I love you.


I tambahan made root beer float cupcakes AGpita pengukur ago. Oh my gosh. Freaking do backflips over these things. Words cannot describe my love. You use root bir concentperbandingan which again is somethinew york that suara horrific in real life but when added to sugar and butter turns in to MAGIC.

Plus more hot fudge.

I’ve got a problem with root bir and chocolate. Try it. It’s a good problem to have.

Perhaps you should masetelah these with chocolate ice cream. Do that. Report back! Add vodka. Shhhhh.


You can serve these guys with some whipped cream and cherritape if you linanti – if you choose ypita with the cherripita kemudian ummmm you must use my favorite – these tillen farms gletser cherripita that I talk about allllll the time. No artificial flavors or dypita pengukur and they taste even better than maraschino cherries.

And you are talraja to someone who bisa eat a jar of maraschino cherries for dessert. Not even kidding. I love love love itu little gems drenched in bleach and red number 5. Or whatever.

These ontape are even better. Swear. Also, use vanilla bean gelato. Or somethingi of the sort. Or jeni’s marshmallow birch, which is one of the greatest flavors forever evah.

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So so. When you make these, you juga must serve them with root bir floats because that’s just how the game goes. It’s dobel the fun.