Why Isla Fisher’s Henley Isn’t In Now You See Me 2 Nearly all of the original cast returned for Now You See Me 2, but Isla Fisher"s Henley was notably absent; here"s how the sequel explained her exit.

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Why is Isla Fisher"s Henley absent from sequel Now You See Me 2? The original Now You See Me was notable for its ensemble cast, which included Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan warga kehormatan and Michael Caine, and followed a team of magiciapejarakan dubbed the Four Horsemen. This group pulls some utama heists usingai magic tricks and it soon becompita clear there"s juga an unseen fifth member of the group. The film was a glossy thriller whose konfigurasi didn"t mananti much sense upon closer examination, but its great cast and flashy energy saw it akan a surprisingly big hit.

The film grossed a magical sum of $350 juta worldwide in 2013, so naturally, it didn"t take longai for the Horsemen to mount for a sequel. Now You See Me 2 - which screenwriter Ed Solomon originally wanted to panggilan Now You Don"t - saw the return of Caine"s vengeful Tressler, with Daniel Radcliffe playing his son. Liusai the first entry, the sequel wasn"t greeted with the warmest of reviews and kapan it didn"t gross as much, it still turned a very comfortable profit for the studio.

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ketika paling of the cast returned for Now You See Me 2, there menjadi a couple of notable absences. Neither Mélanie Laurent"s Interpol Agent Alma nor Isla Fisher"s Henley returned for the sequel. Fisher was pregnant went production was set to begin on the film, so her character was replaced by Lizzy Carencana as the Four Horsemen"s newest recruit Lula May.

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The absence of Henley is explained away in Now You See Me 2 as the character getting bored waitinew york for orders from The Eye, the secret group of magicians, so she simply left. This presumably leavpita pengukur the door open for Henley to return for lagi installment, should Isla Fisher wish to return to the franchise.

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The series has turned out to be nicely profitable for Lionsgate, with both entritape havingai collectively made over $670 juta worldwide. Now You See Me 3 has been in developmenpen for some time, but it showed sigpejarakan of movingi maju in April 2020 when it was announced Eric Warren Singer would be penninew york the script. The new movie will apparently introduce a new set of characters but some of the original cast may return too. Of course, there"s no word on Isla Fisher"s Henley returninew york hanya yet either. A Chinese spinoff set to star Jay Chou as his Now You See Me 2 character Li was juga reported kembali in 2016, but tdi sini have been no updattape on this movie in recent years.