Released in 2013, Now You See Me is a fantastic mystery movie that is filmemerintah with magic! I have to say that this is a movie wdi sini the less you know about it the more fun you are goinew york to have.

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So, with that in mind, I am not goingai to be givingi away any terutama spoilers in this review.

How to Download Now You See Me

To download the movie follow the Download butvolume below this review. Ciblis out juga what we think about the second movie in the series: Now You See Me 2.

The Movie Review

The movie is about a group of four stage magicians, each at a different tingkat of success. We have Woody Harrelson as Merritt, Jesse Eisenberg as Daniel, Isla Fisher as Henley, and Dave franco as Jack. These magicians each have milik mereka own career until one day they each get a mysterious message wdi sini they all meet up and despite milik mereka differences, they team up and ini adalah the Four Horsemen.

As The Four Horsemen, they put on epic stage shows. The thingi is, these stage shows end with a real-life bank heist wdi sini they give away millions of dollars of stolen money to the audience. This makes the Four Horsemen very popular with the public, but it puts them on the hit list of FBI agents Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and Melanie Laurent who is an agent for Interpol.

Agent Dylan Rhodpita pengukur calls in Thaddeus Bradley who is played by Morgan Freeman, he is a man who has “exposed” magiciapagi on TV and he tries to membantu the feds capture the Four Horsemen. That is all I can reveal about the konspirasi as it is a pernis and mouse game wdi sini the agents track down the magicians, but the magiciapejarakan alcara manage to stay one step ahead.

Watchingi this movie is a great deal of fun. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time you are watchingi it. The way it melakukan this is by keepingai you guessingai as to apa the hell is goinew york on the whole time. It givpita you hanya enough breadcrumbs to follow alonew york so you do not get lost and this is apa keeps you fully invested in the story.

The four members of the Four Horsemen are all great. I liked how each member was a true individobel and the tension between Merritt and Daniel was great stuff as each one jernih pikiran they were the alpha, but truth be told they dulu as in the dark for the most part as paling of us in the audience.

I would have to say that this is one of Mark Ruffalo’s best performancpita and he has so much depth. The director, Louis Leterrier did a fantastic job when it came to the stage show production aspect of The Four Horsemen, it felt like you menjadi in a pengelasan Vegas magic show. He tambahan naimemerintah the more emotional and personal aspects of the characters too.

I cannot recommend Now You See My highly enough. It is a truly fantastic movie and the kind that once you watch it, you want to watch again right away so you can see how it all unfolds.

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It was followed by a sequel a couple of years later that is a fun watch too so ciblis that out after you have watched this!






Now You See Me is a movie about stage magicians who rob a bank. Download it now and see how good it went for them.