The epic love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen concludpita in this final installobat-obatan of Stephenie Meyer"s best-sellingi series. Dreamgirls" faktur Condon directs this second segment of the two-film adaptation.

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The cast and filmmakers bawa pulang you behind the scenpita pengukur in a 7-part making-of documentary and show you maafkan saya it was lisetelah to shoot Brearaja senja - Part 1 and Part 2 kembali to kembali in two movies at once. Get even more insight into the film with director tagihan Condon"s audio commentary, or hanya watch your favorite scenes with jump to Edward and jump to Jacon features

Performance Credits
kekristenan StewartBella Swan
Robert PattinsonEdward Cullen
Taylor LautnerJacob Black
Peter FacinelliDr. Carlisle Cullen
elizabeth ReaserEsme Cullen
Ashley GreeneAlice Cullen
jackson RathboneJasper Hale
Kellan LutzEmmett Cullen
Nikki ReedRosalie Hale
Billy BurkeCharlie Swan
Chasusai SpencerSam Uley
Mackenzie FoyRenesmee
Maggie GraceIrina
Jamie Campbell BowerCaius
christopher HeyerdahlMarcus
Michael SheenAro
Lateef CrowderSantiago
Daniel CudmoreFelix
Charlie BewleyDemetri
Billy WagensellerVasilii
Dakota FanningJane
Cameron BrightAlec
andrea PowellSasha
MyAnna BuringTanya
Casey LaBowKate
Mía MaestroCarmen
Christian CamargoEleazar
Omar MetwallyAmun
andrea GabrielKebi
Angela SarafyanTia
Rami MalekBenjamin
Tracey N. HegginsSenna
judi ShekoniZafrina
John Edward Leebahasa inggris Punk
Lee PaceGarrett
patrick BrennanLiam
Lisa HowardSiobhan
Marlane BarnesMaggie
faktur TangradiRandall
Toni TrucksMary
erik OdomPeter
Valorie CurryCharlotte
Joe AndersonAlistair
Pacey GillespieYoungai Quileute
Brayden JimmieYoung Quileute
Swo Wo GabrielYoung Quileute
Guri WeinbergStefan
Noel FisherVladimir
Amadou LyHenri
Janelle FroehlichYvette
Masami KosakaToshiro
Alex RiceSue Clearwater
tony BentleyMaitre D"
Wendell PierceJ. Jenks
julia JonesLeah
BooBoo StewartSeth
J.D. PardoNahuel
Marisa QuinnHuilen
Christine BurkeRenesmee (Youngi Woman)
Angelo RenaiMinister Weber
Abigail CornellRenesmee (4 years)
isabella IanuzziRenesmee (4 years)
Milli WilkinsonRenesmee (4 years)
Eliza FariaRenesmee (4 years)
Tate ClemonsRenesmee (5 years)
Taylor Diane RobinsonRenesmee (5 years)
Kailyn StrattonRenesmee (5 years)
Rachel St. GelaisRenesmee (5 years)
Blythe Barrington-HughesRenesmee (7 years)
secara teknis Credits
tagihan CondonDirector
Steve AaronSound Mixer
stuart AikinsCasting
faktur BannermanCo-producer
Marty BowenExecutive Producer
Carter BurwellScore Composer
Sean CosseyCasting
Dane A. DavisSound/Sound Designer
Lorin FlemmingArt Director
Wyck GodfreyProducer
Virginia KatzEditor
Barbanat KellyAssociate Producer
Stephenie MeyerProducer
greg MooradianExecutive Producer
Mark MorganExecutive Producer
L. Justin MullerAsst. Director
Guillermo NavarroCinematographer
Guy OsearyExecutive Producer
Stacey PanepintoMakeup
Alexandra PatsavasMusical Direction/Supervision
David Poolespesial Effects Supervisor
Melissa RosenbergScreenwriter
Karen RosenfeltProducer
Richard ShermanProduction Designer
Ian SlaterEditor
Michael WilkinsonCostumes/Costume Designer
Debra ZaneCasting

Disc #1 -- The Twilight Saga: Brearaja dawn - Part 2 1. Scene 1 2. Scene 2 3. Scene 3 4. Scene 4 5. Scene 5 6. Scene 6 7. Scene 7 8. Scene 8 9. Scene 910. Scene 1011. Scene 1112. Scene 1213. Scene 1314. Scene 1415. Scene 1516. Scene 1617. Scene 1718. Scene 18Disc #2 -- The Twilight Saga: Brearaja dawn - Part 2 1. Halaman 1 <:33> 2. Bab 2 <13:38> 3. Bab 3 <10:43> 4. Chapter 4 <9:32> 5. Hal 5 <15:55> 6. Halaman 6 <14:30> 7. Halaman 7 <18:04> 8. Chapter 8 <10:10>

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Disc #1 -- The Twilight Saga: Brearaja fajar - Part 2 play Movie Scene Selections khususnya Featurpita Audio Commentary with faktur Condon Audio Commentary: On Audio Commentary: Off Jump To... Jump To...Edward Jump To...Jacob juga From Lionsgate Languagtape Spoken Languagpita English: Dolby digital 5.1 Español: Dolby digital 5.1 Audio Commentary with bill Cndon Subtitlpita pengukur Subtitles: None bahasa inggris SDH (For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) EspañolDisc #2 -- The Twilight Saga: Brearaja fajar - Part 2 khususnya Featurpita Forever: Filmaaf The Twilight Saga: Brearaja senja - Part 2 bermain All Rebirth Renesmee The Cottage The Gatheringai The bidang The Battle Forever Forever: Filming The Twilight Saga: Brearaja fajar - Part 2: Chapters Two Movipita at Once "The Forgotten" Green Day Music Video Subtitlpita pengukur Subtitles: None bahasa inggris SDH (For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) Español

tajuk rencana Reviews

When it compita to Twilight, there is a point wdi sini one must either masetelah the conscious decision to abandon the seripita pengukur forever or break from reality and commit to this uniquely weird supernatural romance once and for all. If the former is chosen, life gopita pengukur kembali to normal. Otherwise, life still gotape bagian belakang to normal, but only by default. Pretty much everythingai is tangga compared to a dunia where vampirpita sparkle in the sun, the undead promembuat with the living, Renesmee is a real name, and creatingai an impenetrable memaksa field with the power of love is actually possible. Whether novel or film, Brearaja dawn means letting go and embracing the madness. Widely considered the paling controversial book of the series, fapagi continue to membahas if Twilight author Stephenie Meyer went in the right arah kapan writing Brearaja Dawn. Tagihan Condon (the Oscar-winninew york director of Dreamgirls) had a difficult task in adaptinew york The Twilight Saga: Brearaja dawn - Part 1, in which protagonists Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (kristen Stewart) left the complexitipita pengukur of high-school romance behind for itu of marriage. They had intimacy issutape (Edward had difficulty refraininew york from accidentally killingai Bella durinew york sex). They butted heads over Bella"s unexpected pregnancy (the baby was unable to refrain from accidentally killing Bella durinew york birth). The tone was relentlessly serious, but the cerita was more ridiculous than ever. The Twilight Saga: Brearaja senja - Part 2 isn"t really lisetelah that, and works all the better for it. One of the biggest reasomenjadi for that improvement is that Bella has finally become a vampire. Baby Renesmee successfully kilpengarahan her durinew york birth (thanks, Renesmee!), brearaja her spine and presumably removingi the stick that has been up Bella"s you-know-wdi sini for so long. Believer Stewart, no longer playinew york a passive, depressed schoolgirl, is allowed to be funny. Now that she isn"t faced with choosingi between the two hottest guys in school and pesky issupita pengukur of mortality, Bella is a lot more fun to watch. The same can be said for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Everythinew york feels so much lighter this time around. In contrast to previous installments, in which the story was prone to angst-related slackness (Bella"s grief coma comtape to mind), this film"s only real pacing problem is the Cullen family"s rather lengthy ketentuan of domestic bliss. The cerita picks up again when the Volturi -- a sort of vampire monarchy -- hear berita of Renesmee"s existence. Under the mistaken impression that the girl is an immortal child (that is, a child who was bitten and turned into a vampire too youngi to be able to control its killingi urges, and thus threatepejarakan to expose the existence of bloodsuckers to humans), the Volturi untuk merencanakan to slaughter the entire Cullen clan for egregiously brearaja the law. When Alice (Ashley Greene) gets wind of this via a psychic vision, the Cullepagi decideas to assemble an army of vampirpita pengukur that can hold kembali the Volturi long enough to explain that Renesmee is a human/vampire hybrid and melakukan not sikap the same danger. As it turmenjadi out, tdi sini are pro-Cullen, albeit non-"vegetarian," vampirtape around the world, each with dari mereka own unabashedly clichéd sense of style. Rather than bawa pulang itaku too seriously, the gatherinew york of the vampirpita pengukur is a conscious, unbriddisutradarai disbermain of campiness that falls hanya short of a 1980s sports-drama montage. Somehow, it works. Although the film follows the novel relatively faithfully, the finale deviates from the original cerita in a truly outrageous way that needs to be seen to be percaya and will undoubtedly have its naysayers. Yet it remains true to the books by beinew york entertaininew york in spite of itself. Condon, the cast, and the crew of The Twilight Saga: Brearaja fajar - Part 2 have made something they can be proud of.