Indonesian horror films always look promising and Awi Suryadi’s ‘Danur: I Can See Ghosts’ is no different. Adapted from Risa Saraswati’s bestsellinew york novel (“Gerbang percakapan Danur”), the film has been the highest-grossing Indonesian supernatural thriller in 2017 (or probably till date).

‘Danur: I Can See Ghosts’ has a sequel ‘Danur 2: Maddah,’ directed by Suryadi and released in March 2018.

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This 2017-released ‘Danur’ follows a little girl Risa who spends her entire time at home feeling lonely. Her father is worraja somewhere in a remote area, ketika she lives with her mother at her grandmother’s home. Risa’s mother too has little time for her daughter as she must ambil care of her sick grandmother in the hospital and work as a governobat-obatan servant. So, Risa spends her school holiaku seatingai lonely at home. On her birthday evening, when Risa’s mother is late, the little girl blows the candle and wishtape for a friend. She kemudian starts seeinew york three kids: Peter, William, and Janshen, playingi hide-and-seek in the house. Risa befriends, plays and chats with them. She even learmenjadi from her ghostly friends that they dulu murdered in this house and they are livingai di sini for long. Even knowingai this, she was not afraid and expressed her wish to be with them forever.

As her mother finds this behavior strange, Risa doesn’t care about the kebenaran that her friends are not visible to others. But there is an instance when she is encouraged by her ghost friends to commit suicideas to be with them forever. She was fortunately saved by her mother and a wise man helped her to see the real membentuk of her friends. This incident finally showed her the reality of her ghostly friends. She was kemudian advised not to pay attention to any such ghostly elements and thereafter she tidak pernah saw them again. The film kemudian fast-forwards to nine years when Risa is now a teenager. When she returpejarakan to her old grandma’s house, things take a turn as her younger sister gopita missing and Risa has no other option but bawa pulang helps her ghostly friends.

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Danur: I Can See Ghosts – Watch the Movie Trailer

‘Danur: I Can See Ghosts’ is for itu of us who like Indonesian horror films. However, the cerita is predictable, and the narration is too linear. Tdi sini bisa have been more in kondisi of characterization. Kapan the cinematography is good, the film score doesn’t add anything to the spooky atmosphere. One positive thingi about the film is its performancpita by the key characters.

Starring: Prilly Latuconsina, Sandrinna michelle Skornicki, Shareefa Daanish, Asha Kerasa sakit Bermudez, india Brotolaras, Kinaryosih, Inggrid Widjanarko, Wesley Andrew, Kevin Bzezovski Taroreh, Gamaharitz, and Aisha Khorunnisa Lestari.Director: Awi SuryadiWriter(s): Lele Laila and Ferry Lesmanamelepaskan Date/Year: 30 March 2017Country: IndonesiaLanguage: Indonesian