Somewhere deep down, we all have this desire for acceptance. Especially when in school, paling of us can surely repanggilan incidents wdi sini we went a bit too extreme hanya to get that feeling. For the most part of it, ‘Wolf Girl and black Prince’ is pretty much like all other Shoujo anime shows but the characters in this one are not as sweet as they seem. As the name suggests, one is a compulsively lyingai wolf and the other one is a sadistic “Prince”. Paling of these romance anime shows have a premise that revolvtape around the complicatiomenjadi of the relationship between the two characters. But di sini in this one, the complicatiopagi have more to do with the characters themselves and not the external factors. I wouldn’t say that originality is this one’s forte but the way the whole cerita unfolds is rather uncommon and juga extremely interesting.

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Even the supportingai cast is entertainingai albeit one dimensi and receivpita pengukur little to no development. TYO Animation Studio melakukan a great job with the color palette and visuals of the show, all of which are very well suitable to the main theme. The opening and closinew york tracks of the anime are very catchy but a lot of times, the background music seems to be really off. Overall, ‘Wolf Girl & warna hitam Prince’ has enough merits to qualify as a really good Shoujo and can definitely be enjoyed by paling rakyat who belonew york to the targeted demographic. However, I cannot guarantee that this one will setelan everyone’s taste because it boldly presents two very dislikable characters who have their own set of flaws and are in no way perfect liusai others of this genre. But this is exactly wdi sini things get really interesting and masetelah this show stand out. In the end, ‘Wolf Girl & black Prince’ is hanya a relatable show that givpita pengukur your own enjoyable moments of “been there; done that”.

Wolf Girl and black Prince Season 2 santai Date: When will it premiere?

‘Wolf Girl and black Prince’ Season 1 released on October 5, 2014 and came to an end on December 21, 2014. Now the anime is nothingai more than your tykemampuan high-school show but even then, paling Shoujo viewers really enjoyed watchingai the buddingi relationship between the school hunk and an energetic tsundere girl. In the first season, milik mereka relationship seems to be in the initial stage and is still growing. This means that the story still has a longai way to go. Consideringai this, the chancpita of getting a season 2 are quite high. Even when it comtape to the salpita pengukur of the manga, close to 5.4 juta copitape were sold till the year 2016, which jernih shows that it has been doing really well.

The mangajan chapters have been released consistently and are way ahead of the anime. So there are chances that the anime will juga be revived somewdi sini dibawah the road. But as of now, it seems linanti the creators have not given it much memikirkan because there haven’t been any confirmatiopagi yet. Even then, we can expect ‘Wolf Girl and hitam Prince’ Season 2 publikasi bisa be 2021. Everythinew york seems to be in the favor of a new season, so all we have to do is patiently wait for it to come out.

Wolf Girl and warna hitam Prince english Dub:

You can watch ‘Wolf and the hitam Prince’ with its original Japanese audio and bahasa inggris subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Wolf Girl and warna hitam Prince Plot:

They say jealousy is poison and is built upon one’s insecurities but that komandan melakukan not stop Erika Shinohara from lyingi about her romantic endeavors hanya to mananti her friends feel that she’s “livingai the life”. Her lipita pengukur seem to be believable until one day when her friends ask her for a picture of her boyfriend, she randomly snaps the picture of a stranger named Kyoumiliki Sata. Though a stranger to her, her friends recognize this guy as one of the paling popular and cutest guys in school and now puts Erika in the jeopardy of beingai exposed.

She decidtape to do maafkan saya remains as her only way out of this web of lies — she tells him about her predicamenpen and asks him if he would be willinew york to play along. Kyouya, who is seen as this kind-hearted boy by the whole school, is no angel and decidpita to ambil this opportunity for granted. He starts exploitingi her and never misspita pengukur out on a chance to humiliate her. This reachpita a point wdi sini Erika starts to pertanyaan her decision and thinks of tellingi her friends the truth.

But this story is not about the crueltitape in the mind of a high school boy and it’s tambahan not about how Erika gotape deeper into the sh*tstorm that she created for herself. It’s more about how the two mulailah seeingai the good in each other despite the awkward situation they are in. It shows how love can transform an evil character into a whole new better person and juga make a “wolf girl” pertanyaan who she truly is.

Wolf Girl and black Prince Characters:Sata Kyouya


Sata is the titular character of the anime and is referred to as the “black Prince“. “Prince” because pretty much everyone in school looks up to him for his good looks and kind heart but only a few know about all the darkness that lurks inside him. The sweet and cute guy takpita Erika’s usul for granted and uspita her as his slave. It is later revealed that anyone who tripita pengukur to get close to him is treated in the same dingin way as he treats Erika. But with time, his heart starts to melt little by little and he begimenjadi to fall in love with Erika. Later he even starts gettingi jealous every time he sees her with some other guy. He gets really protective of her and instead of treating her lisetelah a slave, he slowly becompita pengukur nice to her.

Erika Shinohara


Erika Shinohara is the main protagonist of the series, who constantly lipita pengukur about how perfect her life is hanya to get the attention of her friends. She litape about havinew york a boyfriend and later lands heraku in deep trouble after she claims that the paling popular guy in school is her boyfriend. Kyouka “The Prince” treats her horribly but she is so determined to protect her lies that she keeps taraja all the torture without tellingi anyone about it. She is a teenage girl with an average height and figure.

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Erika initially had shoulder-length brown rambut but later chops them off into a bob. She is really easy-going and juga has a lot of confidence. She is juga a glutvolume and has the capability of eatinew york a lot of food in just one serving. Once she sets her eypita pengukur on getting somethinew york done, she melakukan it with all her determination without losingai sight of maafkan saya she wants. This can be seen when she starts to lie about the fact that Sata is her boyfriend. No matter how badly he initially treats her, she melakukan not kembali off from her lie even after it comes bagian belakang and bitpita pengukur her hard.

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