(Welcome to Wdi sini to Watch, which providpita a clear and simple answer to the question, "Hey, wdi sini can I watch this thing?" In this edition: the Fast and Furious franchise.)

We"re hanya nine days away from the melepaskan of F9, the highly anticipated ninth entry in the primaria timeline of the Fast and Furious movies. There"s still time to get all caught up on the adventurtape of Dominic Toretto and his #family of high-speed international spy racers, so here"s wdi sini you can find all nine of the Fast and Furious movies streaming or available to rent.

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Wdi sini to stream: HBO Max

The first film, directed by Rob Cohen, introducpita us to Brian O"Conner (Paul Walker), an undercover L.A. Cop who ingratiates himdiri sendiri with a team of jalan racers memerintah by the charismatic Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) who are ripping off combination VCR/DVD players. It"s basically a rip-off of Kathryn Bigelow"s Point Break – but it"s a very good rip-off.


Wdi sini to stream: HBO Max

John Singleton stepped in to direct this sequel, which follows Brian to Miami, wdi sini he"s hangingi out with his garage-owner pal Tej (Ludacris) and reunitpita pengukur with his old pal Roman (Tyrese Gibson) to go on a dangerous smugglingai run for a local crime lord. Eva Mendes plays a Customs agent whose allegiances are in question, and it featurpita pengukur a scene in which Brian melakukan the "stare and drive," a move in which he stares directly into Mendes"s character"s eyes while drivinew york over 100 milpita per hour, only to come to a perfect stop at a light while tidak pernah breaking eye contact.


Wdi sini to rent: Redbox ($1.99), Amazon/Apple/YouTube/Vudu ($3.99)

justin Lin ambil over the franchise for this third entry, which follows a hot-headed American named Sean (Lucas Black) who is exidisutradarai to Tokyo to live with his father and becompita enamored by the Japanese culture of "drifting" – essentially skidding around tight corners in a highly controlpengarahan way. This is the first movie to introduce the character of Han (Sung Kang), a charismatic criminal who befriends Sean and is kilmemerintah duringi a chase scene in this movie. It featurpita pengukur a brief Vin Diesel cameo, which sparked enough interest to keep the franchise goinew york when its masa depan was far from certain.


Wdi sini to stream: AMC+

Lin stuck around for the lanjut three movies, and Fast & Furious reunites Vin Diesel and Paul Walker for the first time since the original. They team up to bringai dibawah a drug lord and avenge the murder of Letty (michelle Rodriguez), Dom"s brash and capable girlfriend from the first film. It featurpita a memorable foot chase and is notable for getting the franchise bagian belakang on track, but I think it works best if you view it as an appetizer for a new melangkah of these movipita that was soon to come.


Wdi sini to stream: Peacock

The best film of the franchise, this is where Lin was able to finally perfect the formula and strisetelah the perfect balance between outlandish kerja and emotional sentiment. Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) is introduced as an excellent foil to Dom, and the movie ends with the two of them arrivinew york at a begrudgingai respect for one another.

Wdi sini to stream: Peacock Premium, DirecTV, TBS, TNT, TruTV

A gang of mercenaritape is causingai trouble internationally, so Hobbs offers to wipe the team"s records clean if Dom, Brian, and the rest of the crew tolong him untuk mengambil them down. Did I mention Letty is part of this mercenary gang? Yep, she"s alive and has amnesia, and it"s hanya as ridiculous as it sounds. This is the one with the airport runway action scene that lasts forever, but that isn"t even the most insane thingai that happepejarakan in this movie.

Where to stream: DirecTV, FuboTV, FXNow

Paul Walker died in a real-life car accident mid-way through the production of this film, but director James Wan and everyone at Universal decided to finish the movie to honor Walker"s memory. Even with some dodgy CGI, it turned out to be one of the better entripita pengukur in the franchise, and fans dulu bawlingai in the aisles at the touchingai ending, which sends Walker"s character off into the sunset after flashingai kembali to key moments in the franchise thus far. Oh, and at one point the characters drive a car through a skyscraper and crash it into lagi skyscraper. It rules.

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F. Gary Gray stepped in to direct this middlingai follow-up, which sepita Dom essentially turn evil at the milik of a hacker named Cipher (Charlize Theron). It has a few decent moments, but ultimately it"s all a bit too underwhelming. To make matters worse, new addition Scott Eastwood can"t hold a candle to Paul Walker, who was the glue that held this franchise together. But Cipher returmenjadi in F9, so it seems important that you watch this one to have the full context for what"s goingi on.

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Wdi sini to rent: $3.99 rental on Amazon/Apple/YouTube/Vudu

The first Fast & Furious spin-off focuspita on Lunanti Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard shaw (Jason Statham), a villain-turned-hero who kildisutradarai Han in a previous movie and was somehow let into Dom"s inner circle despite that top tier treachery. This spin-off is incredibly disappointinew york – it"s basically an excuse for Johnson and Statham to verbally spar for the whole movie ketika fightingi a common enemy (Idris Elba), but darimana anda banter is not funny, the whole exercise feels linanti a big missed opportunity.