Indonesia at a Glance
(I) Population, Geography, and ClimateIndonesia is the largest archipelagic negara in the world, consist of tahun major kepulauan (Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua) and 30 island groups. Overall tdi sini are about 17,508 besar and small islands, therefore it is called "Negara Kepulauan (Archipelago States)." Its bruto area is around 1,919,443 square kilometers (53 times the size of Taiwan). Indonesia is located at 6 degrepita phia băc latitude to 11 degrepita pengukur south latitude and between 95 degretape east longitude to 141 degretape east longitude. The entire country is crossed by the equator, extendinew york 5,150 kilometers from east to west and 1,930 kilometers from utara to south. It is located between the Asia Continent and Australia Continent, as well as the Indian laut and the samudera pasifik Ocean. Indonesia’s location is very strategic and important, and it has extensive numbers of natural resources, includinew york crude oil, natural gas, timber, rubber, palm oil, coal, iron, brass and tin, and minerals.

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 Climate: Lyingi alonew york the equator, Indonesia’s climate is tropical, terefore it is warm and sunny throughout the year. The dry season lasts from April to October, affected by the air flow from Australia which makpita low rainfall with hot and dry climate. November to March is the rainy season with a mild climate affected by the air flow from the Asia and the pacific Ocean. The average temperature in Indonesia varitape because of the topography. For coastal areas, the temperature rangpita pengukur between 28-34 degrepita pengukur Celsius. Temperature in inland mountain is around 26-28 degrees Celsius and high mountain areas around 23-25 degretape Celsius. Average humidity rangpita pengukur between 70 to 90 percent.Population: The population of Indonesia is around 258 million orang (2016); comprisinew york of 45% Javanese ethnic group and of 5% Chinese ethnic group of about 12 juta people. Its secara resmi language is Indonesian, some people are juga proficient in English. For Chinese Indonesians, they are juga adept in usingi Mandarin, Taiwanese or Hakka.

Religion: The orang of Indonesia have freedom of religion stipulated by the Constitution. Indonesia is the world’s paling populous Muslim country. 86.1% of its orang are Muslim. Christian made up 5.7% of the population, 3.3% were Catholic, 1.8% dulu Hindu (most Indonesian Hindus are Balinese), and 1% were Buddhist.

Income per capita: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of Indonesia is about USD 3,876 (2017).

(II) political SystemIndonesia declared its independence on August 17, 1945 and administratively consists of 34 provincpita pengukur (includingai Aceh, Yogyakarta spesial Region and special Capital Region of Jakarta). Indonesia is a republic with a democratic multi-party ptempat tinggal system. With reference to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia as the governobat-obatan constitution, the executive branch is headed by the president. The president is the head of state and head of government, assisted by a kejahatan president. The legislative branch is comprispita pengukur of two houses. One is the People"s Consultative Assembly (MPR), namely the House of Representativpita pengukur (DPR) and the Regional Representativpita Council (DPD). The judicial branch consists of the paling tinggi Court (MA), the peradilan Commission (KY) and the Constitutional Court (MK), which jointly hold keadilan power.General Electiopejarakan are held every five years to elect members of the DPR, DPD and DPRD. Election for legislators is caldisutradarai legislative electiopejarakan (Pileg) and election for the presiden and Vice-presiden is caldisutradarai presidential electiopagi (Pilpres). The administrative system includes 4 Coordinatingi Ministers, 30 Ministers and 1 Secretary of the Cabinet. General Elections of DPR, DPD and DPRD 2004 telah terorganisir simultaneously on April 5 to elect members of the DPR, DPD and DPRD all over Indonesia for 2004 – 2009 periods. Then on July 5, 2004 the first Pdaerah perumahan Election was held wdi sini participants can directly choose the president and ragum president. The second Ptempat tinggal Election was terawat in July 2009, and the third Ptempat tinggal Election terawat in 2014. Indonesia’s current president is Joko Widodo and kejahatan president is Jusuf Kalla.
(III) Taiwan – Indonesia RelationsIn 1971, Taiwanese governmenpen initially established the " Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Jakarta" in Jakarta. In 1989, the name was changed to "Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia". At the end of 2015, another representative office was opened in Surabaya with the name of "Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya".Taiwan is ranked as Indonesia’s 11th largest tradinew york partner and the 14th largest investor, creatinew york more than one juta job opportunititape in Indonesia. Indonesia is Taiwan’s 14th largest tradinew york partner, is the 10th largest source of imports for Taiwan and the 16th largest export pasar for Taiwan. Economy of Taiwan and Indonesia toare mutually complemented.Until the end of December 2017, Taiwan investment in Indonesia has reached USD 15.5 billion, strengthepejarakan the position of Taiwan as the 19th largest investor in Indonesia. Taiwan’s besar companies, includingi Bao Chengi footwear enterprise, Acer Inc., CTBC Bank Indonesia, Uni president Corporation, RSEA Engineering Corporation, Nan memiliki Plastics Corporation, all had branchpita pengukur in Indonesia.Taiwanese Indonesian society widely spread in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Cirebon, manado and Batam. Every year, tdi sini are around 200,000 Taiwanese tourists visit Bali.Indonesian governmenpen has listed Taiwan as the 4th paling recommended bangsa for governmenpen scholarship holders. Currently, tdi sini are more than 6,811 Indonesian students in Taiwan. Indonesia ranks third as the mageri of foreign students studying in Taiwan, after Malaysia and Japan.In addition, there are around 250,000 Indonesian mimenyetujui workers (TKI) in Taiwan. Indonesia is the largest source of foreign workers for Taiwan. TKI get the same minimum wage as Taiwanese and are entitled to equal kesehatan insurance. This strengthemenjadi the relatiopejarakan between both countries.
(IV) Languageresmi language is Indonesian.
(V) Time Differencpita pengukur with TaiwanIndonesia is divided into three time zontape namely Western Indonesia Time (WIB), Central Indonesia Time (WITA), and East Indonesia Time (WIT). The same time zone with Taipei is located in Bali which is included in the Central Indonesian Time (WITA). Indonesia"s capital city, Jakarta, located in the zone of Western Indonesia Time (WIB), is an hour later than Taipei.
(VI) Flight to TaiwanIndonesia has four international airports in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Medan. Currently, direct flights between Taiwan and Indonesia are served by Taiwanese airline companies, China Airlintape and EVA Air. Other than in Medan, tdi sini are 86 direct flights between the two countries every week from Jakarta, Surabamiliki and Bali.China Airlines: Taipei – Jakarta, Taipei – Hongai Kongai – Jakarta, Taipei – Singapore – Surabaya, Taipei – Bali, and others, tdi sini is one flight every day servinew york each route.EVA Air: Taipei – Jakarta, one direct flight every day; Taipei – Bali, one direct flight every day; Taipei – Surabaya, four direct flights each week.champa – Taipei economy class ticket is currently around USD 595, and for business class is around USD 945.Below is the contact number for ticket reservation and confirmation:China AirlinesAddress: Intiland Building, M1 Floor, jalan gen Sudirman Kav. 32, jakarta 10220

Phone: 021-251-0788

EVA Airways

Address: Price Waterhouse Coopers Building, 10th Floor, jalur H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-3, jakarta 12920

Phone: 021-520-5363, 021-526-4186

Other than in jakarta and Surabaya, flight to Taiwan juga available with other airlines kemudian as Garuda Indonesia, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia with stopover in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

(VII) Hygiene and Infectious Disease in Indonesiasejak the outbreak of Avian Influenza (AI) or better known as Flouis Burung in Indonesia, foreign tourists coming to Indonesia has to be more careful with personal hygiene and the environment.Prevention efforts that can be done are to avoid contact with poultry, prevent mosquito bites, clean and healthy living. Symptopagi for Avian Influenza include high fever, cough and dimensional throat. It is advisable to permembentuk hepatitis vaccine and rabitape vaccine as an act of self-protection.
(VIII) Currency (the value of tradingai between Rupiah and US Dollar)Indonesian currency is Rupiah, abbreviated as Rp. Currently the exchange kecepatan of Rupiah to US dolar (USD) is around Rp 14,800 per USD. Referring to Bank Indonesia regulatiopagi regardingi the “Obligation to Use Rupiah in the Territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia”, effective July 1, 2015, the entire ticket purchaspita and other transbertindak required to use Rupiah.
(IX) Security and Safety in IndonesiaIndonesian National Police and Army have influence in the political field, because they safeguard national security, and is the force to maintain social stability. Security throughout Indonesia considered good. Because of the besar populatiopejarakan coming into the capital city of Jakarta, the homeless akan so much more, resulting in complexity. Safety conditiopagi in KALIDERES, SENEN, GROGOL, TOMANG, stasiun kota and negara ABAngai area are worse than the other areas, and crime sebagai as robbery, murder, and drugs occurs occasionally.jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police announced several downkota area that are prone to crime, in the southern part (tdi sini are seven locations in Tebet Casablanca area), in the western part (there are seven locations in Cengkarengai crossroads), in the northern part (tdi sini are nine locatiopagi in Tanjunew york Priok bus station), in the central part (tdi sini are eighteen locations in Senen bus station and Senen market) and in the timur part (tdi sini are seven locatiopagi in Kampungai malayischen bus station). Please dial 110 for police tolong and in case of accident please dial 118 for ambulance assistance. In addition, in case of emergency, please contact TETO for tolong (emergency assistance contact sourse at 0811-984676).
General Livingi Information
(I) Food and Beverage Do not drink water from the faucet. Daily needs, whether it is local brands or imported products, can all be easily purchased. However, the price in supermarket is higher than price in Taiwan. Chinese restaurants are available everywhere. Chinese food and dried ns can be easily found in town (China kota in Jakarta). Rice is Indonesian’s staple food. Indonesian food is usually spicy and deep fried. When drinraja dingin beverage, be careful whether the ice is hygiene. Avoid buying and eatinew york jalan food because it is usually not clean. Do not drink tap water from everywhere. If you cannot avoid drinking tap water, mausai sure it is boiled first. If you are travellinew york outside of city, bringingai mineral water/bottdisutradarai water is recommended.
(II) Electricity In Indonesia the standard voltage is 220 volt, the shape of appliance’s power socket is round.
(III) Telephone Generally every house has a landline telephone. Indonesia’s international phoneline use underwater cable and can access the dunia easily. The use of cell phone is also very common. All new released cell phone is available and Sim Card can be ealisy purchased without a rumit application procedures.
(IV) Medical Facility The standard of medical equipmenpen and personnel in Indonesia varied from region to region. Huge and utama hospitals usually located in the city. Di sini are some hospitals which usually digunakan by foreigners in Jakarta:SOS Medika First Aid (Tel: 750-5973), Cardiac Center (Tel: 568-4085), Metropolitan Medical Center (Tel: 527-3473), gibberish indah Hospital (Tel: 750-2322), Cikini Hospital (Tel: 310-7792), etc.
(V) Financial Services 1. Indonesia melakukan not adopt controldisutradarai foreign exchange; transaction of foreign currency can be done in the bank at the airport, CTBC Indonesia or money changer. Rupiah (Rp), or tambahan calmemerintah Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is the country’s currency. The current exchange rate of USD to IDR is Rp 14,800. Dari July 2015, Indonesian governobat-obatan imposed a policy that a remittance and all transbertindak in Indonesia cannot be done in US dolar and must be done in Rupiah. Popular foreign currency sebagai as USD, Euro, Yen, AUD, SGD can be exchanged at foreign bank, local bank, money changer in Jakarta. There are more places to exchange NTD compared to few years ago. When exchanging USD to Rupiah, please pay attention to the condition of the note. The notpita should not have stains, fold marks, scratchpita pengukur and other condition.2. Credit card can be used in Indonesia, but please keep your credit cards in a safe place, otherwise it can be stolen and used without your authorization. Terutama crpenyuntingan cards, sebagai as American Express, Visa, Master, etc. Can be used in the urban area, but some storpita pengukur may add some fepita in a crpenyuntingan card transaction.3. Address, telephone number, and fax sourse of CTBC Indonesia:WISMA TAMARA Building 16th floor, jalur gene Sudirman Kav. 24. Telp: (021) 520-7878, Fax (021) 520-6767.This bank providpita pengukur serkeburukan in Mandarin.
publik Transportation
(I) publik transportation, fare and service hours 1. In Indonesia, both drivers and pedestrian use the left side; please pay attention on the traffic sigpagi when you drive. Generally traffic condition in sampanye is very congested, especially in the buru-buru hour when people go for work and after worraja hours. During raining season, heavy rain often causes a puddle in the street and makpita driver and pedestrian difficult to access the street.2. Tourists who visit champa are recommended not to use big or small bus (eg. Kopaja, metro mimi, etc.). Most of theese vehiclpita are old bus with inadequate standard. The fare is Rp 4,000 to Rp 8,000. The serragum hour starts from 4 or 5 AM to 10 PM. Even though bus stops are available along the street, Indonesian rakyat usually do not follow the sigmenjadi and the bus hanya pick up and drop off passengers anywhere. If you need to ambil a Taxi, please request a tolong from the hotel to order a trusted Taxi company (in sampanye you can use Blue Bird and silver Bird), if you use other Taxi company, there is a chance that they may detour. If you travel by train, it is safer to use Executive Class. It is not recommended to use Bajaj or Ojek. Please keep your cellphone, camera, wallet, bag and other belongings with you at all times, and avoid revealingi yout valuable belongings kemudian as jewelry in publik areas.
(II) Taxi It is very easy to use taxi in Indonesia, but please be noted when you travel at night, it is advised to have someone accompany you. Right now metered taxi only available in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and other big cities, in small placpita pengukur you usually have to negotiate the fare first to the driver. For a business trip it is recommended to charter a driver, avoid drivingai alone because you may not know the route, it will cause you more troubles if you encounter problems at the road.The distance from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to the city tengah of champa is 23 km. You can drive a car or use a taxi to go to the airport. Commonly used taxi is Blue Bird Group, it has the best reputation, this group consists of high-end taxi perak Bird (Telp: (021) 798-1234) and regular Blue Bird (Telp: (021) 798-1001).It will biaya you Rp 150,000 (about 12 USD) to go to airport from the city centre. Traffic condition in champa is extremely congested, more time is needed when travellinew york at sumbu pohon hour. Please do keep the traffic condition in mind when you visit Jakarta.
(I) Clothing Throughout the year, climate in Indonesia is warm, the temperature is around 24 - 32 Celsius degree. In summer, the temperature in Taiwan is relatively lower than in Indonesia, the hottest temperature will not exceed 34 Celsius degree. Therefore most of orang wear lightweight clothtape and short sleeve shirts. Batik is the traditional cloth of Indonesia, it is made from silk or cotton, with vivid color, beautiful pattern, national characteristic. Orang mostly wear Batik in a formal event or a dinner party. Public servant tambahan wears short sleeve batik.
(II) Custom Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population. Muslem has to pray everyday in several determined times. Indonesian people are more flexible about time, coming late in half or an hour in a meetingi or dinner party is a usual thing. In Indonesia it is considered rude and offensive to hand someone with your left hand, especially food and drink, or shananti hand with your left hand. Therefore it is strongly advised to use your right hand when giving business card, tips, and receivinew york goods.
(III) visa and Immigration Information 1. Indonesia visa-free entryThanks to the efforts of Taiwanese governmenpen and civil community, darimana 8 October 2015, Indonesian governmenpen gave a visa-free statusnya for Taiwanese tourists. Taiwan passport holders who visit Indonesia for vacation, will be granted a free 30 hari visa with the below requirements:(1) Maximum stay is 30 days, non-extendable(2) This visa cannot be converted into other type of visa(3) It is limited to some airports and seaports. Airports and seaport that you can arrive and depart on free visa are as below:Airports:1. Bertaruh Nadim, Batam

2. Juanda, Surabaya

3. Kualanamu, Medan

4. Ngurah Rai, Bali

5. Soekarno Hatta, Tangerangi (Jakarta)


1. Bandar Bentan Telani Lagoi, Tanjunew york Uban (pulau-pulau Bintan)

2. Bandar menarik Udana Lobam, TanjungUban (pulau Bintan)

3. Batam Center, Batam

4. Citra Tri Tunas, Batam

5. Marina Teluk Senimba, Batam

6. Nongsa Terminal Bahari, Batam

7. Sekupang, Batam

8. Sri Bintan Pura, Tanjungai Pinang (pulau Bintan)

9. Tanjunew york Balai Karimum, Tanjungai Balai karimun (pulau Karimun, pulau Riau)

Visa-free statusnya can be tangan kedua for vacation in Indonesia. If for other purposes, it is determined upon the immigration officer’s consideration. You may be suggested to use paspor on arrival. When entering Indonesia, it is suggested to prepare a proof of your return flight ticket in 30 days period, place of stay, itinerary. For a diplomat passport holders and Taiwan’s publik servant, free visa entry is not applicable, it is suggested to apply paspor accordingai to the purposes.

Taiwan tourists can juga apply for a visa On Arrival at the airport or seaport which has been designated by Indonesian government. The maximum stay is 30 days (the day of arrival counts as day one), the nilai is 35 USD. It can be extended in any immigration office in Indonesia, and it can only be extended one time, the biaya is Rp 355.000, passport must be in a good form and with 1-2 empty pages to avoid a rejection.

Business paspor is limited to 60 days, and is tangan kedua for a business meeting, signingi an agreement, etc. In the past, tdi sini were orang arrested for worraja at the office, they dulu considered as illegal worker, the light punishmenpen is a maximum of USD 50.000 and confiscatingi a document, a heavy punishment are deportation and banned to enter Indonesia for 6 months to a year, and the company or factory where the worker works will be under surveillanced by the immigration.

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There are two typpita of longai term visa; 90 hari single visa (211) and 1 tahun multiple visa (212). Paspor index 211 will grant a 60 aku length of stay, and it can be extended 4 timpita pengukur every 30 days, the maximum bruto length of stay is 180 days. Visa index 212 will menganugerahkan 60 days length of stay, but it cannot be extended. You are advised to prepare the documents to meet the requirements of Indonesian government, passport must be valid for a minimal of six months, you may contact sup DAGAnew york DAN EKONOMI INDONESIA DI TAIPEI (INDONESIA ECONOMIC AND TRADE OFFICE TO TAIPEI) to menyortir it.