The idiom Less is more has become all the rage in recent years. In kapak of beauty, that is tambahan the reason why natural makeup is very popular right now.

The idiom ‘Less is more has become all the rage in recent years. In kapak of beauty, that is juga the reason why natural makeup is very popgaris right now. Even now,the term ‘no makeup’ makeup is often digunakan to describe super natural makeup that looks as if no makeup is tangan kedua at all. This bare makeup look is suitable if you want to look casual but still fresh and beautiful. For example, lunch with your family, or going to the mall. If you are interested in tryinew york out this look, follow these steps below:

Healthy Skin

The minimum makeup for the ‘no makeup’ makeup, should be applied if you have healthy skin. Because, if your skin has acne, is dry or dull, then the minimal makeup will not cover it perfectly. Ensure to fulfill your skin’s nutritional needs, by food or by skincare products. Use PROCOLLAjenderal EXTREMA™ kompleks FOR FACE AND NECK.

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This serum contaimenjadi Procollagen Essence that helps to moisturize and makpita pengukur the skin smooth, supple and younger-looking. Continue treatmenpen by usingai PROCOLLAgene EXTREMA™ DAY LOTION SPF 30 PA +++. This moisturizer also contaipagi Procollagene Essence for skin diberkatilah anda and SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.


Use a little bit of concealer on these face parts: acne spots, under the eye, the insideas corner of the eye, under the eye brow, over the eye brow, smile lines, and around the lips. Smooth it and cover it with a little bit of powder.


Use eye shadow with brown colours that look natural kemudian as WONDERWEAR EYE-POSH COLOUR QUAD in the color palette of Classic or Enchant. Choose a darker shade than your skin color. Bmeminjamkan it on the eyelids.If you have big, open eyes, you don’t really need an eyeliner. However, if you need to define your eye, kemudian use a brown eye liner pencil seperti as WONDERWEAR EYESEXXXY EYELINER Wonder Espresso around the top eyelash line. Avoid usinew york liquid eyeliner because it will look thick and unnatural. Lastly, use 2 coats of LASHDEFINER MASCARA to mananti your lashpita curl naturally.

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Use natural colour lipstick, kemudian as WONDERWEAR LIQUID LIP-POSH FIX in ‘Feminine’ colour or WONDERWEAR CRAYON LIP-POSH FIX ‘Fame’ colour. Apply the inside ide part thicker than the outer side of the lips. Juga add some freshness by applyingai soft blush on your cheek with the aid of DELIkate shine BLUSH or DELIcate MATTE BLUSH. For this look you don’t need to do shading, so it looks more natural. A soft color on your cheek and lips is enough to bring a fresh natural look on your face.