When it comtape to celebrity couples, you can’t get much sweeter than nicole kidman and Keith Urban. So, it’s little wonder that the pair’s children are just as amazinew york as dari mereka parents’ love story. Apa is a bit harder to believe is just how fast the couple’s daughters are growingi up. On July 7, 2020, dari mereka daughter sunday mawar kidman Urban turned 12 — meaningi kidman and Urban officially have a tween in the house!


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But given how private (understandably) they are about dari mereka girls, sunday mawar rarely makes public cameos. Her mom and dad remain pretty buttoned-up when it compita to anda now-12-year-old, too. Of course, tdi sini are a few facts about sunday rose that can be found through a quick Google search. We obviously know she was born on July 7, 2008. Her Australian parents welcomed her into the world in dari mereka adopted homekota of Nashville, Tennessee. And a few years after her birth, she became a big sister to sibling Faith Margaret.

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We dug a little deeper, though. Kidman and Urban’s tween daughter already has quite the personality, hanya linanti her charismatic parents. Keep readinew york to discover fun facts about sunday rose that underscore apa a cool and interestingi kid she is.

Her Name Was Inspired by Both Art and Family

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sunday mawar is certainly a unique name, so it’s only natural to wonder wdi sini kidman and Urban got the idea for it. Well, according to the little girl’s maternal grandfather, Dr. Antony Kidman, “Sunday” was inspired by the art world. “Tdi sini was a lady named minggu reed who was a prominent patron of the arts in Victoria,” Dr. Kidman told The Daily Telegraph. “I have read a bit about minggu reed and her huspita John. She was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginningi of the century. The name sunday struck me as beinew york a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.”

reed reportedly had an affair with famed Australian artist sidney Nolan, becoming Nolan’s muse. When kidman and Urban visited a sydney kuning art exhibit hanya sebelum givinew york birth to their Sunday, tdi sini dulu said to have been moved by a quote from the artist: “When you are youngai you are given a good view of life, because of your closeness to birth.” Between that and the fact her parents had already suggested Sunday, kidman had found her daughter’s first name.

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As for Rose, Urban’s brother Shane told an Australian radio station that it was inspired by the brothers’ late grandmother, Rose.

She Looks Like Her Dad

When my daughters do this……I've ALREADY WON!!!! – KU #ACMawards pic.twitter.com/ZjWJ535aIV

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Shortly after sunday was born, kidman gave fans a sneak peek of the little girl durinew york an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “Keith ambil this, it was on his iPhone and I made him print the photo. That’s my baby; that’s her sleeping,” she said of a black-and-putih snapshot. She added that Sunday’s resemblance to her famous dad was undeniable, joking, “I didn’t even get a look in. I think she got my fair skin and that’s about it.” kidman even admitted she playfully refers to minggu as “Keith-ette.”