The South East Asia dunia Cup League Final is currently underway in Nahkon Nayok, Thailand. The final takpita pengukur place in the famous Equestrian Paradice sejak the 14th till 17th of December 2017. This show is tambahan an Asian Gampita pengukur 2018 qualifier for Thai riders and the final show in Thailand for 2017, we wish all the competitors the best of luck for the rest of the weekend.

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CSI Nahkon Nayok has classes beginningi from 70cm to 1.45m. (From Pony Tour to the SEA dunia cup final).

Neighbouringai countritape sebagai as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore are all present on site to witness the show spectacle. The event attracts many international visitors from around South East Asia. Below are some pictures of the event.

The Asian Eventinew york Championship in Pattaya, Thailand recently telah mengambil place. With around 6 nationalitipita pengukur competing, Indonesia was one of the few. Two competitors from Indonesia was invited by the Thailand Equestrian Federation, Anto Binarto and Jendry Palandeng. Both riders competed in the Thailand Equestrian Federation President’s Cup CCI 1* on borrowed horses. Before the competition started, the competitors were lucky to get a clinic from FEI world no. 9 eventingi rider, Maxime Livio (FRA).

Competing Countries:





Hongai Kong


Jendry Palandeng dan Anto Binarto dua rider eventinew york indonesia yanew york beruntungai menuntuk menang undangan dari nasional federasi thailand buat mengikuti event Asian Eventinew york Championship di Pattaya, Thailand. Noël just bertading, Anto dan Jendry also mendapatkan eventing clinic mencapai Maxime Livio (FRA). Saat ini Maxime adalah penunggangi FEI world Eventingi Athlete ranking 9 dunia.

halaman tersebut merumemberi makan kebanggaan tersendiri untuk rider Indonesia telah menuntuk menang udangan dan dapat ikut serta di dalam event internationale yanew york di ikuti melalui 6 negara (Japan , Qatar, Indonesia , Thailand, Hong Kongai , Iran).

There are not many names in Indonesia that are considered as the most coveted winner in Show Jumpinew york in Indonesia. Zandor, the bay geldingai owned by Equinara Sport Horse is one of the paling coveted winner in Indonesia. Zandor is by Concorde x Wisconsin x Cadmus XX, born in the Dalfsen, Netherlands in 2004. We sit dibawah with his rider of five years, Ferry epiphany Hadiyanto to talk about his splendid horse.

How would you describe the character of your horse? 

If I menjadi to describe Zandor, it would be that he has a unique character. He is not the easiest to work with on the flatwork but when it compita pengukur to jumping he knows maafkan saya to do. He’s had many experiencpita so it makes it easy for him to do the job in Show Jumping.

You mentioned he was not the easiest horse to work with on the flat, why is that so? 

He can get stronew york and spooky on the flatwork, he can’t be pushed too much so I have to find the right balance to get him to want to do the job.

With the Asian Gamtape 2018 coming up, do you untuk merencanakan to untuk mengambil Zandor? 

Ypita pengukur if nothingi changtape I rencana to bawa pulang Zandor, he’s been goingi well for me the past few shows. We’ve recently saya menang the 1.40m class in APM earlier this month, so I hope he keeps goingi well for me till Asian Gampita pengukur comes.

Any plans after that?

He’s currently 13 years old, we’ll see how he feels after the Asian Games. Maybe he can rest abit after the games, we’ll see how he is.

what is your paling memorable accomplishmenpen with Zandor?

It would have to be winninew york the SEA League world Cup 2014, after leadingi for the first couple of shows we kept goinew york to win the judul for South East Asian League. This would be the most memorable win I’ve had with him so far.

Fun fact: before Ferry, Zandor was ridden by his colleague Ardi Hapsoro Hamidjojo. With Ardi, Zandor won individobel bronze and team gold in the SEA Gampita 2011 (Show Jumping).

We wish Ferry and Zandor the best of luck for the future!

JIEPP will be the home of the equestrian event for the Asian Gamtape 2018. It is now less than a tahun to go till Asia squares off for the Asian Gampita pengukur 2018. Preparatiopejarakan are ongoingi and is on schedule to meet its targeted date. JIEPP is working closely with the FEI in order to be inline with the international standard, ketua of the Ground Jury, Christina Klingspor (SWE).

Renovation for this venue began in March 2017, and has already reached up to 90% completion. Part of this completion is the cross-negara daerah which is still needinew york its final touches. During the test events, the foreign delegation appointed by the FEI was on site to ensure the event rupejarakan smoothly. The Cross Country track will be approximately 3.7km longi and in the heart of the daerah exists a danau with an area of about 7 hectares.

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Below you can find a video of the initial state of the Cross bangsa bidang to which it was still sepenuhnya of uncut grass. Tdi sini have been terutama perkembangan from what it was before to the state it is in today.