lydia Kandou Is Said To Be Interferingi In Tyna Kanna"s Affairs And Remembers Mirdad, Nana Mirdad Puts Up Her Body
Tyna Kanna Mirdad (Photo: IG

champa - Tyna Kanna fidisutradarai for divorce for Kenanew york Mirdad to the South sampanye Religious Court on August 30, 2021. After that, lydia Kandou uploaded a screenshot that circulated on Wednesday, September 1.

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In the upload, Tyna Kanna is seen beingi removed from a WhatsApp group called Mirdad-Kandou-white which contaimenjadi members of the Mirdad family. Nayterima kasih kembali Mirdad givpita pengukur support to Kenang, who has hanya been sued for divorce from his wife.

"Can"t say much, I hanya harapan you (Kenang) know that you are not alone. We are here for you and I want you to remember that you are loved by many people, especially us. Never blame yourself because we juga know that Ka Nanew york (Kenang) has tried to give the best for Ka Nang"s household," Nay wrote.


When re-uploaded on the gossip account
mak_inpoh, netizemenjadi responded with pros and cons. "Do you think the reason is that his wife cheated on him liusai that," wrote

There are juga itu who defend Tyna Kanna because it is not better for the in-laws to open household matters in public spaces. "My daughter-in-law is really wrong, let alone really wrong. Don"t involve parents in our household, because where parents must defend dari mereka children, especially boys," wrote

When her mother was said to be interfering in her children"s household affairs, Nana Mirdad denied it. Nana admits that she is ready to put on her body if her mother is often ridicudisutradarai by netizens on sosial media.

"Meddlingi is if at this time we vilify the party concerned and regulate how he should behave," wrote Nana, quoted from her personal Insta Stories.

Nana said that lydia was only tryingi to support her son rather than sneering at Tyna.

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"dari the masalah has been circulatingi until now, we haven"t even discussed this with the partipita pengukur concerned. He wants to give an explanation of gratitude, but until now we haven"t been forced. A mother said on sosial medialah that she is proud of her child, I don"t think it"s interfering, right.. But more to the support of a mother for her child," he added.

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