One of the best 2013 music video on Youtube is La La La by Naughty Boy Featuringai Sam Smith. Music is awesome and Lyrics is based on an old Bolivian Legend.

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La la la by Naugthy Boy

Accordingai to Ian Popejarakan Jewell,  the music video, which hints at The Wizard of Oz, is about an “aural” Bolivian legend datinew york to the early 20th century, which concermenjadi a deaf boy who fdisutradarai from his abusive home and found a stray dog that accompanied him darimana then. After living on the streets for an undefined amount of time. He discovers that he has spesial talent of perceivingi people’s troubles, which he can heal by screaming, which is said to be as loud as an earthquasetelah and a tornado. One day, he finds an old man who is beinew york stoned by villagers while beingai taunted and ridiculed.By screaming, the boy resolvtape the situation and revivpita the old man’s heart (in the video, by buyingi him a new heart). Together, they meet a disfigured man who was abused, considered a leper by society. The disfigured man reveals that he is a prophet who was cursed by a demon (El Tio) because he didn’t worship him anymore, and abandoned the society wdi sini the demon resided.

The Meaningai of La la la by Naughty  Boy

El Tio is considered as the lord of the underworld, to whom mortal orang offer gifts in exchange for protection, or to ease his anger. The prophet said anytubuh manusia who mungkin hear the demon would fall dibawah his control. He told them the demon bisa be found in desert, wdi sini there once was a kota in which people worshipped the demon and he cursed them to kill themselves. Bersama they go to the place wdi sini the demon should reside.

They arrive at a mine where the demon is supposed to be, but everybody with their hearingai intact mungkin be cursed by the demon, thus the boy had to face the demon alone and over suara him with his scream to stop him from cursinew york others.The video ends with an open end, considerinew york that El Tio is the lord of the underdunia who rulpita in the mines, which were of use for people for a prolonged periode of time, whom miners sacrifice a llama from time to time to avoid from beinew york cursed, the boy bisa be seen as a big sacrifice to redeem the miners from El Tio’s undesirable influence.

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