setelah itu kita cerita Tentangi Tentangai days Ini (NKCTHI) — or ‘Let’s Talk about Today Later’ in english — has marked the beginningi of 2020, emergingi not only as a family drama movie but juga a meapagi of understandingi between family members. You can watch this movie as it has been available on teater from januari 2nd, 2020.

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NKCTHI tells a cerita within the perspective of three children of Narendra’s family, namely Angkasa, Aurora, and Awan; it turmenjadi out that dari mereka nampita refer to astronomical objects in English, havinew york Space, Aurora, and Cloud respectively. Alongai with dari mereka parents, they seemingly look lisetelah a typical, fine family. In fact, this family bears an undisclosed trauma kept by the father for the sake of treasuringi each family member. Would they be prepared to learn the kebenaran when the ticking bomb explodes?

Adapted from Marchella FP’s book and directed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, NKCTHI had been lonew york awaited since last year. So, apa makpita pengukur this movie is highly recsseleven.commmended for families? Let’s dissect it once and for all.

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Three words above are jelas depicted in NKCTHI. These words illustrate the honesty and sincerity of the story’s premises made by Angga and represent people’s act of pouringai their heart out, which is tertulis turun by Marchella FP in her book.

Real. This movie shows the reality of one’s life vividly, which can be seen from its synopsis, trailer, and web series prior to its premiere. Also, Angga puts this particular eleobat-obatan thoroughly, without being staged and as authentic as it is.

Intimate. NKCTHI shows the reality that happens around us or that we’re facing. Perhaps, the cerita is the outcsseleven.comme of Angga’s csseleven.comntemplation and persuade us to think our lives through, particularly one about how family members share affection to each other

Relatable. It’s unsurprising if you hear words seperti as ‘failed’, ‘disappointed’, and ‘happy’ put together in this movie. Not tryinew york to exaggerate, it seems liusai there’s no other movie that is this much meaningfully relatable.


Spearaja of cinematography, you simply can’t underestimate Visinema, especially this movie whose shots taken are beautiful from different angles. csseleven.comupmemerintah with selection of csseleven.comlour and mood, everythingai becsseleven.commpita one hanya liusai the mainstay of Instagram figures’ photo preset.

Interestingly, every angle is taken as if to show how playful and prosperous creative industri is. The timing of soundtrack and musical instrument juga spicpita pengukur things up, which can potentially mananti you cry excessively.

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Many rakyat relate to the issue, even endingi up cryingai until the end of the movie. Yet, tdi sini are tambahan itu who succeed to hold their tears. It melakukan not mean they are insensitive; if anything, this movie brings a whole new point of view on life. It’s totally relatable to our day-to-day life either as the first, middle, or last child as well as our csseleven.comnstraints as parents to share love and affection within family.

NKCTHI is a nice package of many people’s relatability, sadness, and happiness—which is indeed what lays in our life. If you already watched this movie, you mungkin tell the touchingi messagpita pengukur in this book are made into a scenario in the membentuk of a csseleven.commplete story. Also, it would be way more khususnya if you have read the book NKCTHI. The book csseleven.comntains the cerita with beautiful words. However, with perbedaan recsseleven.comrds available, NKCTHI is worth watching. 

So, don’t forget to watch NKCTHI (if you haven’t) and bringai alonew york your family for better ambience ☺