kartika Putri and dr. Richard Lee is currently fighting, the two of them even took him to the authorities. The feud was triggered by a skincare product.

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Several months ago, beauty expert and Youtuber dr. Richard Lee discusstape one of the fake skincare on his YouTube. The Helwa Beauty skincare brand is considered to contain hydroquinone which should not be sold freely without a doctor’s prescription.

After the video dr. Richard, kartika Putri kemudian invited the owner of the skincare brand. The artist, who has now moved, tambahan admitted to beinew york a user of the skincare product and received an endorseobat-obatan from Helwa Beauty.

Doctor Richard Lee feels trapped by kartika Putri

The problem heats up when kartika Putri and dr. Richard sat bersama to confirm each other. Dr. Richard felt trapped because at that moment, kartika was juga known to have brought a lawyer.

This ended with kartika Putri reportinew york dr. Richard gopita pengukur to the police in a libel. Doctor Richard did not accept this, and expressed his frustration on his Instagram story and YouTube channel.

The doctor also wrote that kartika Putri was shameless because she had promoted fananti skincare. Seemed unable to suppress emotions, dr. Richard juga teased Usman Bin Yahya’s habib wife.

“I have no shame, I have promoted itu who are abusive. I swear I am emotional, not because I am afraid. But the way I play with setiap orang is that way! !! setiap orang lisetelah this have to be taught manners, maybe they don’t get it from dari mereka family, I’m the one who teachtape it here, “he kelanjutan in the writinew york on his Instagram Story.

kartika Putri criticized by netizens

Regardingi this problem, kartika Putri received a lot of criticism from netizens. Many regretted that kartika Putri did not seem to have received pintu masuk from dr. Richard, and instead reported it to the authorities.

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“I support Doctor Richard 100%. It is clear that” endorse skincare is really dangerous “, instead of beingi self-conscious, this is actually revealing, realizingi that there are public figures, tdi sini are many followers, many follow and see all dari mereka movements, but still laugh at the endorse skincare that has been clearly “dangerous ?,” commented one netizen

“Be patient doc, don’t be angry. Don’t be provoked. We are smart, doc, because we have been educated by the doctor. The artist may have less endorsement so he is dizzy,” wrote lainnya netizen who quipped kartika Putri.

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