Mvemba a Nzinga/Kongo obtain a selection of nerfs as well as lovers to That makes this civ specifically proficient and also extremely specialized on maps with considerable woods/rainforest, particularly on bigger map dimensions.

Various Other CIV VI Guides:

Religious beliefs

Mvemba can not located a faith. However he can take over one.

That streamlines your very early video game options, albeit at the expenditure of passing up a spiritual triumph. Emphasis rather on expedition and also hurrying your closest neighbors. The Ngao Mbeba, a Swordsman substitute that opens with Iron Working, can relocate swiftly via thick woodlands and also jungles to catch any kind of roaming inhabitants.

While your neighbors concentrate their power on starting a faith, you construct a military. However do not remain in a rush to dominate a neighbor if they are close to starting a faith. , if you catch a Holy City you will certainly be able to acquire Missionaries to spread out to your resources..

Develop a Theater Area or Mbanza there to obtain a cost-free apostle as soon as faith has actually spread out to a Kongolese city.

(A slower yet much more tranquil method to get religious beliefs is to ahead clear up a neighbor that's discovered a religious beliefs, that is work out beside them, and also send out an investor. At some point faith will certainly spread out passively or by promoters).


Early Growth

Mbanzas are Kongo's special area. It opens a lot previously, at Guilds, and also constantly supply +5 real estate no matter. Nevertheless, it is nerfed by being just constructable on woodland or rain forest. That indicates the Kongo can not increase right into desert or snow, leaving those locations to allies or neighbors.


As constantly "play the map". If there are locations of jungle and/or woodland, rather than buying real estate very early video game, usage Emigration to increase your realm, up until Guilds.

Afterwards you might intend to catch any kind of interloping inhabitants and/or battle to get region.

The Best Collection of Memorabilias, Sculptures as well as Artefacts

The Kongo obtain reward food, manufacturing and also gold from each antique, sculpture (a details sort of Magnum opus of Art) and also archealogical artefacts. So you need to intend to generate the best collection of antiques, sculptures and also artefacts in the video game.

Kandy regularly generate in video games with the Kongo. Attempt to become its suzerain to obtain a cost-free antique for uncovering an all-natural marvel. Yervan is an additional wonderful city-state for Kongo. Its suzerain can pick the Saint promo for Kongo's complimentary apostles, which provide you an antique when they pass away in spiritual battle. When retired, particular Terrific Generals create an antique. Reward huts can likewise generate an antique.

Antiques are the earliest magnum opus in the video game. Mbanza Kongo (cap) has area for 5. Assume of dominating the Holy City of the religious beliefs that has reliquaries if you do accumulate a couple of. It approves three-way tourist and also belief from antiques. (If you use bigger maps, there is likely to be such a religious beliefs in your video game).

For sculptures, watch on the following offered Terrific Musician from the Great People display. Just particular Terrific Musicians will certainly create sculptures. If the following one is a carver, Kongo produces dual factors for excellent musicians so constructing or catching a Theater Area will certainly assist you defeat out the competitors. (If you stop working, you can constantly have a spy swipe it with reconnaissance or capture/trade it in battle).

Artefacts can be dug deep into by archealogists constructed from cities with an Archealogical Gallery.


As the Kongo you'll likewise intend to focus on Industrial Areas as well as investors. Kongo obtains double excellent seller factors permitting you to get the Great Merchants that create unique deluxes. Toys, denims, fragrance as well as cosmetics.

These will certainly aid supply features to sustain a big realm, vast and/or high.

The investors will certainly create roadways to and also from your funding via thick woodland and also jungles.


As Mvemba intend on very early agression, very early development as well as to catch 1 or 2 Divine Cities to obtain a running start on faith. If your realm transforms to a faith, that is most of your cities follow it, you will certainly obtain the exact same advantages as its creator. So be prepared to get rid of the creator if you're using a smaller sized map to prevent a spiritual loss!