THERAPY EVALUATION: The primary factor we take this method seriously is some excellent statements from various sides. Since cooking soft drink properly damages cancer cells, the Jim Kelmun method has actually shown to be outstanding. This procedure is additionally on this website since we stumbled upon several cancer cells people that can not pay for any type of powerful methods (e.g., Cellect-Budwig, Cesium chloride, High-frequency radio generator with Plasma Ray Tube, Fucoidan, and so on). These individuals require to make use of numerous reliable methods that are really low-cost.

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Jim Kelmun method with cooking soft drink as well as syrup

This therapy is a mix of pure, 100% syrup as well as cooking soft drink without light weight aluminum. Syrup targets cancer cells (which take in 15 times extra sugar than regular cells), so sodium bicarbonate passes through cancer cells utilizing syrup.

When purchasing syrup, purchase syrup noted "Quality B." If you can not locate Quality B, then select the darkest Quality A syrup you can discover.

Sodium bicarbonate, which is really extremely alkaline, is the primary anti-cancer compound. Syrup is a "service provider" that enables cooking soft drink to enter cancer cells. The dosage for gauging sodium bicarbonate is a tsp, a little and also somewhat rounded spoon.

This method functions by ruining germs inside cancer cells based upon various other alkaline procedures. To read more, check out the message What creates cancer cells.

Actually, numerous various cancer cells therapies consist of extremely alkaline items:

cesium chloride, calcium, as well as cooking soft drink.

Soft drink mix bicarbonate as well as syrup


The blend is made by blending one component of high-grade sodium bicarbonate with 3 components (pure, 100%) of syrup in a tiny dish.

No water is included in the mix.

Arm & Hammer I Red Mill brand name cooking soft drink (ideally), currently called "Natural," certifies as aluminum-free brand names. DO NOT mix cooking soft drink as well as syrup in a light weight aluminum frying pan or frying pan. Usage solely refractory vessels, stainless-steel, or copper vessels. As a matter of fact, if you have light weight aluminum tools-- TOSS IT CURRENTLY. Light weight aluminum is the leading reason for mental deterioration.

Mix the mix promptly with home heating at reduced temperature level for 5-10 mins Beginning with 49 ° C levels and also look for the appropriate temperature level for your range as well as elevation, reducing the temperature level or boosting till you discover the perfect temperature level to ensure that the blend does not bind and also shed.

If the combination preferences poor, it sheds, which occurs extremely conveniently. However if you maintain the mix cozy sufficient not to shed, both compounds will certainly integrate too you will certainly appreciate the preference

Additionally, do not maintain the combination in the fridge. Do not make a bigger amount yet just supply in 9 days. We recommend these regulations to make certain that the mix does not different throughout storage space. Simply leave it at area temperature level.

Adjustment your diet plan to make sure that it does not consist of refined sugar as well as white flour Since you desire the cancer cells to eat as much cooking soda/maple syrup as feasible, it would certainly assist if you did this. Actually, consume just snacks a hr prior to and also after Jim Kelmun's method.

See the write-up" Nourishment of individuals with cancer cells "to find out more on cancer cells clients' diet plan.


It is essential to keep in mind that the combination consists of just 1/4 cooking soft drink. Consequently, to take one tsp of cooking soft drink, it is essential to take 4 tsps of the combination.

Take 2, 3, or 4 tsps of the blend Daily As soon as well as constantly take a break of at the very least twenty mins, never ever take them all at.

Begin with one tsp a day (blend), as well as the following day switch over to 2 tsps. Quit at 4 tsps of the mix a day. It is not advised to be in this setting longer than 6 weeks , as described by the Economical method.

Clients with sophisticated cancer cells can utilize 16 tsps blends everyday yet not longer than one week

Last remarks

When utilizing this procedure, there are some choices. Some individuals utilize cooking soft drink with honey without food preparation. Additionally, food preparation is suggested when making use of syrup or molasses, however unneeded.

Do not neglect the "Economical Procedure," which makes use of Jim Kelmun's therapy as his alkaline therapy (natural cancer cells therapies include alkalinity). Nonetheless, an individual ought to utilize just one extremely alkaline method daily. For that reason, do not utilize Jim Kelmun's method the very same day as Cellect, cesium chloride, high dosages of barley, a mug of asparagus, as well as others.


KEEP IN MIND # 1: All temperature levels remain in levels Celsius.

KEEP IN MIND # 2A (Food Preparation Technique # 1): Do not fret if the combination of cooking soft drink as well as syrup divides. The secret is to locate the highest possible temperature level (around 49 ° C) at which the blend does not melt. When this temperature level is located, DO NOT fear if the blend divides.

Combine/stir the cooking soft drink as well as maple syrup and also warmth simply prior to usage if the combination divides.

KEEP IN MIND # 2B (Food Preparation Approach # 2): Warmth a pot of water to maintain it not warm however cozy. Place one more pot/sherpa on it, heavy steam food preparation system. Switch off the hob. Include BS as well as molasses/maple syrup to a dish and also mix. They must attach quickly without burning. If the binding does not happen, warmth a little water, shut off the hob, as well as mix.

KEEP IN MIND # 3: Do not utilize the Jim Kelmun procedure in itself. Each cancer cells therapy procedure includes only one extremely alkaline procedure. For the Economical procedure, a full cancer cells therapy, the Kelmun method might be one really alkaline method. Nonetheless, the Economical method, which ought to be utilized by all those that make use of the Kelmun method, is a total procedure that consists of greater than a loads cancer cells therapies.

KEEP IN MIND # 4: For those that can manage it, the Economical Procedure can be made use of with a high superhigh frequency generator. A generator, which is an effective electromedical tool with a method. The rate of a high-frequency radio generator is around 4,000 euros, which will certainly discourage lots of people from utilizing it.