solid Feasible Match: solid Are cumulative nouns constantly plural, or are particular ones single? Which is appropriate: The remainder of the team is or are? The remainder of my family members is or are? p I"ve done a little bit of research study and also I comprehend that "family members" must be come before by single or plural verb relying on exactly how you desire it to be dealt with. For instance, p His household is em among the earliest in the region. p and also p His family members are em all medical professionals. p These are evidently both remedy. However in the complying with circumstances, could a grammar specialist inform me which should be be? p When his family members are abducted p or When his family members is abducted p Many thanks. grammar grammatical-number syntactic-analysis Share Boost this concern Comply with br modified Apr 13 "17 at 12:38 div style="text-align: center" div br CommunityBot br 1 asked Jul 16 "12 at 11:59 div style="text-align: center" br Django ReinhardtDjango Reinhardt 2,74888 gold badges3131 silver badges4343 bronze badges 1 Include a remark| 3 Solutions 3 h2 Energetic Oldest Votes 8 br In American, cumulative nouns are often dealt with as particular. In British, it frequently relies on whether the speaker/writer sees the noun as a device or as people. That appears to beat the function of cumulative nouns, however that is exactly how it is. p p Share Enhance this response Comply with responded to Jul 16 "12 at 12:22 div br ImanIman br 22711 gold badge22 silver badges55 bronze badges 4 Include a remark| 8 br It relies on whether you can port words "participants" right into the sentence or otherwise. p "His household are all medical professionals" functions all right, so you can make use of are em p "His household is just one of the earliest in the area" doesn"t actually function so you can"t usage are. Then there is the "one" in your instance, which type of pressures it to be single, yet also "His family members are the earliest in the area" is a little bit weird, unless the relative are all 110+. p br Share Enhance this solution br Comply with br responded to Jul 16 "12 at 14:03 div style="text-align: center" Roaring FishRoaring Fish 14.9 k11 gold badge2828 silver badges5858 bronze badges Include a remark| 3 It would certainly once more depend upon exactly how the household was checked out. Maybe 'His family members were abducted individually' or maybe 'His whole household was abducted while he was away.' p Share br Boost this solution br Comply with responded to Jul 16 "12 at 12:16 br Barrie EnglandBarrie England 137k1010 gold badges231231 silver badges390390 bronze badges 0 Include a remark| br h2 Not the solution you'& #x 27; re seeking? Search various other inquiries identified grammar grammatical-number syntactic-analysis or ask your very own concern. h2 br The Overflow Blog site br Included on Meta br Connected 93 br Are cumulative nouns constantly plural, or are particular ones single? br 8 Which is proper: The remainder of the personnel is or are? The remainder of my household is or are? 0 the remainder of her family members was or the remainder of her household were br 1 cumulative noun/verb arrangement br 6 br "Her entire household IS/ARE biologists"? 2 br "A bulk of those whose family members" or "households" br 0 Making use of "our" in this scenario 0 br Is it appropriately claim" "My family members watchES tv there every evening" or" "My household watch tv there every evening" br -1 br The Royal Family members stay in manors, or in an estate.? Relevant 14 br What is the distinction in between a "particular noun" as well as a "plural noun dealt with as single"? br 1 Plural or particular verb for cumulative term 6 Is "a sea of blossoms" single or plural? Warm Network Questions extra warm inquiries Language & Use Firm Heap Exchange Network br website layout/ logo design © © 2022 Heap Exchange Inc; customer payments certified under cc by-sa. rev2022.1.11.41124 p br Language & Use Heap Exchange functions finest with JavaScript allowed div style="text-align: center" div p Your personal privacy p By clicking "Approve all cookies", you concur Heap Exchange can keep cookies on your tool as well as reveal details according to our Cookie Plan. p