div iframe Concerning your Nephrostomy Tube h2 You had actually a treatment called percutaneous nephrostomy. This suggests that a tube was put with your skin right into your kidney. Pee was drained pipes from your kidney to stop kidney, discomfort, and also infection damages. You had the treatment since your kidney or television leading from the kidney to the bladder (ureter) was obstructed by a kidney rock or growth, or possibly as a result of an additional issue. The obstruction triggered a back-up of pee in your kidney. p A slim, versatile tube called a catheter will certainly remain in location up until the trouble that created the build-up of pee has actually been dealt with. Television will certainly be affixed to a catheter bag to drain pipes the pee. p When you are house your carrier might have you purge your nephrostomy tube to maintain it without obstruction. Your service provider will certainly inform you exactly how frequently you must purge your tube. tr div style="text-align: center" ACTION 1: COLLECT MATERIALS h2 Begin by collecting all the materials and also positioning them in a tidy workspace. p tr td how-to-flush-a-nephrostomy-tube td ACTION 2: CLEAN HANDS Clean your hands extensively with soap and also cozy water as well as completely dry with a tidy towel. Prior to you start, ensure all skin is totally dry. p td how-to-flush-a-nephrostomy-tube td ACTION 3: PRE-FILLED SYRINGE p Utilize the pre-filled syringe of regular saline option (preservative complimentary). tr p csseleven.com p div p td h2 ACTION 4: GET RID OF CAPS h2 Get rid of the syringe from the wrapper and also take the cap off the suggestion of the syringe. p Loosen the stopcock cap. Constantly see to it to position the cap upright on a tidy surface area. p Tidy the stopcock port that you will certainly affix the syringe to with an alcohol swab. p td tr div style="text-align: center" h2 ACTION 5: ATTACH SYRINGE TO STOPCOCK h2 Affix syringe to stopcock. Transform stopcock to make sure that "OFF" indication is aiming towards the water drainage bag. p td tr td h2 ACTION 6: FLUSH WITH SALINE Carefully flush right into television. DO NOT WITHDRAW ON SYRINGE. p td ACTION 7: RELY ON THE OFF PLACEMENT h2 Transform stopcock "OFF" indication to initial placement. Get rid of syringe and also change stopcock cap.