I'm so fired up to talk with you today regarding your wedding event in csseleven.com. That does not such as gossiping as well as talking regarding this amazing event? p Also if you're not intending to obtain wed quickly in a csseleven.com-speaking nation, discovering these expressions as well as words will certainly enhance your csseleven.com vocabulary. I have actually prepared a lengthy checklist of words, valuable sentences, and also colloquial expressions that serve to speak about any type of wedding celebration in csseleven.com. Please allow me recognize in the remarks if you believe that I missed out on something. p Without more trouble, allow's start. Your Wedding event in csseleven.com: Vocabulary and also Expressions h2 I have actually picked for you some valuable vocabulary that you might require whether you're obtaining wed in a csseleven.com-speaking nation, mosting likely to go to one, or merely reviewing it in a wedding celebration publication or an enchanting book. br h3 Prep work Time solid csseleven.com English solid tr la manicura td manicure td tr el maquillaje td makeup tr el papeleo em td documentation tr el peluquero td hair stylist td la prueba del vestido td gown suitable td tr Individuals h3 csseleven.com solid td English td la novia em bride-to-be tr td el novio em td bridegroom td tr td el marido td hubby tr la mujer td other half td tr el esposo td partner td la esposa em td other half td tr td em el priest td priest td el genius/ la maestra de ceremonias td master/ girlfriend of events em el cura clergyman tr el padre td daddy tr td em el sacerdote td clergyman td tr el reverendo em td reverend td el invitado/ la invitada visitor td em la dama de honor em td house maid of honor td tr el padrino best male tr td la madrina godmother td tr la pareja pair td em la familia política em td in-laws td em comprometido/a td involved tr em apalabrado/a betrothes em el prometido td friancé td tr la prometida td future wife td em el suegro td father-in-law td la suegra em td mother-in-law tr el cuñado em td brother-in-law tr la cuñada sister-in-law em el yerno em td son-in-law tr em la nuera em td daughter-in-law td tr la dama de honor em td house maid of honor td tr el paje em td ring-bearer tr em la paje flower-girl em los recién casados em td couples td tr em el coordinador/ la coordinadora de bodas em wedding event coordinator td tr el fotógrafo/ la fotógrafa professional photographer Activities at Your Wedding celebration in csseleven.com h3 td solid csseleven.com solid td English tr casarse disadvantage alguien td to wed a person td tr td mandar las invitaciones td to send out invites tr td leer un discurso td to check out a speech td tr em organizar la boda td to arrange the wedding event tr em besar la novia em td to kiss the new bride td intercambiar los votos em to trade promises td tr pedir la mano em td to request for the new bride's hand td tr firmar el acta de matrimonio em td to authorize the marital relationship certification tr Wedding event Principles in csseleven.com h3 tr solid csseleven.com solid td English solid td tr la boda em td wedding event td el matrimonio td marital relationship td tr em el noviazgo involvement td la boda religiosa td Spiritual wedding event tr la petición de mano em proposition tr em la propuesta em td proposition em la boda civil em td Civil wedding event td tr la ceremonia em event td tr el banquete em reception tr em los discursos td speeches tr em la luna de miel em honeymoon tr el voto oath tr la ceremonia de lazo/ enlace Wedding tr td nupcial em Wedding, td tr la sesión de fotos em td Picture session tr Things at Your Wedding celebration in csseleven.com h3 csseleven.com solid td English solid td tr td el anillo em ring td tr el vestido de novia em Wedding celebration ring td tr el traje do novio td Bridegroom's fit td el velo td shroud tr los regalos de boda Wedding celebration presents td tr td la alianza td Wedding event ring td tr la tarta (Spain) td cake tr td el pastel em (Lat. Am.) td cake td tr td la invitación invite tr em el esmoquín em coat td tr em el anillo de compromiso td Involvement ring td tr em la lista de regalos em present listing el arroz td rice td tr em el sobre disadvantage dinero envelope with cash table h3 Wedding event Locations in csseleven.com h3 tr csseleven.com English solid td tr td la iglesia td church td tr el registro civil em td Civil computer system registry td la playa coastline td tr el jardín yard td tr el salón de bodas em td Wedding event hall tr la tienda de novias Wedding shop tr h2 Expressions for Your Wedding event in csseleven.com h2 ¿ Quieres casarte conmigo? solid Will you wed me? p em ¿ Te gustaría ser mi esposa? solid Would certainly you such as to be my better half? p em Te invitamos a nuestra boda el 1 de septiembre en la Catedral de Guadalajara. solid We welcome you to our wedding event on September 1st in the Basilica of Guadalajara. em Será una ceremonia muy íntima, con pocos invitados. solid It will certainly be an extremely intimate event, with couple of visitors. p La ceremonia tendrá lugar en la playa. em The event will certainly occur on the coastline. p solid em El banquete será en el Restaurante "El Evento." The reception will certainly go to El Evento em Dining establishment. p ¡ Qué hermosa se ve la novia! em solid Exactly how attractive the bride-to-be looks! p em El novio se ve algo nervioso. The bridegroom looks a little worried. Los declaro marido y mujer. solid I currently articulate you couple. p Puede besar a la novia. You might kiss the bride-to-be. p ¡ Vivan los novios! em solid Lengthy live the bridegroom and also the new bride! And also below are the typical Wedding celebration pledges for spiritual events: solid Yo (nombre), te recibo a ti (nombre) para ser mi esposa/esposo, para tenerte y protegerte de hoy en adelante, para bien y para mal, en la riqueza y en la pobreza, en salud y en enfermedad, para amarte y cuidarte hasta que la muerte nos separe. em solid I (name) take thee (name), to be my wife/husband, to have and also shield you from this particular day onward, for much better and also for even worse, for richer, for poorer, in health issues and also in wellness, to like as well as value, till fatality do us component. p Colloquial Expressions Regarding Your Wedding celebration in csseleven.com Lastly, I wish to show you some colloquial idiomatic expressions that belong to the subject. They are not all political views bias-free yet it's constantly excellent to recognize what they imply, as well as not to annoy any person. p 1. Quedarse para vestir santos. em Actually, it indicates "to be entrusted to clothe saints." This expression suggests to continue to be solitary, also long. p Si no te vuelves más social, te vas a quedar para vestir santos. You'll continue to be solitary if you do not come to be a lot more social. h3 2. Pasarse el arroz. em If you claim concerning someone: em se le pasó el arroz , it does not imply that they overcooked the dish yet it indicates they reached the minute when having children may be difficult. Ya los dos tienen más de cincuenta años, creo que se les pasó el arroz. em solid They are both over fifty, I believe they are past the prime. p 3. Boda lluviosa, novia dichosa. It merely implies that if you obtain wed on a wet day, it will certainly bring best of luck to the new bride. h3 4. Ser una solterona/ ser un solterón em h3 To be a spinster or to be a soletrón. It has an adverse undertone. em Es una solterona por decisión propia. solid She is a spinster voluntarily. p Exercise Time Do you seem like speaking about your wedding celebration in csseleven.com with someone else? Whether you simply intend to talk concerning this interesting subject or you intend to exercise your recently obtained vocabulary as well as expressions, it's constantly a great suggestion. p Keep in mind that you can enroll in a cost-free course as well as have a lengthy discussion regarding any type of wedding event in csseleven.com with among our expert as well as pleasant, csseleven.com-speaking instructors from Guatemala. p