If any person had any kind of concepts, simply asking yourself. I was assuming exactly how much back ought to you draw the puck back on a wrister for max rate. Simply desiring some suggestions.

Many thanks


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When I remained in intermediate school, I did one making use of equipments and also the teeth"s rubbing to connect and also draw skate shoelaces. Kinda like the Reebok Boa system on rec skates. Didn"t produce anything near the quantity of torque required (it didn"t operate at all), however a suitable discussion board and also description of what it was meant to do handled to net me a reward for "development" and also $100 LOL. Precept of the tale is, despite the fact that the task might not alter anything, offer it well!

Perhaps you might achieve what I couldn"t and also develop something like Boa to assist shoelace skates. Though there are various other points around attempting to resolve that trouble currently. I additionally thought of what it would certainly require to make a solid stick, yet that"s nonsense recalling currently lol


do you need to create something brand-new, or do you need to simply describe exactly how points occur. ie do you require to find up with a shoelace tie-er, or do you simply require to clarify the physics of why a bent stick includes in the shot.


anything. If it isn"t inapropriate by any means I ought to be great. Certainly there is no duplicating various other scientific research reasonable suggestions.

Just how around doing something with foams, like the kind (VN) made use of in headgears versus EPP. You can contrast EVA kind foams with Poron, or d3o. Possibly do some type of effect contrast with shoulder pads as well as caps. Doesn"t need to be a creation, yet instead a basic to-the-point however clear evaluation on a theory regarding pressures and also effects as well as such.

AIREAYE- Great Concept, I was considering a comparable suggestion, yet I kinda strike an obstacle. I require something that will certainly create the very same kind of pressure everytime that I utilize it.

Allow em fly if anyone else has any kind of concepts.

AIREAYE- Great Suggestion, I was thinking about a comparable suggestion, however I kinda strike an obstruction. I require something that will certainly create the exact same kind of pressure everytime that I utilize it.

Allow em fly if any person else has any type of concepts.

Going down the puck from a taken care of elevation must be enough for that. Physics claims that it needs to strike with the exact same pressure each time.

We"ve done 2 with my boy. Not extremely clinical yet we did slapshot examinations with a radar weapon and also 3 various flexes with the theory being that the most affordable flex would certainly create the quickest shot. It exercised well.

2nd one was involving stride size - rough and also brief versus lengthy and also complete and also exactly how it influences straightaway rate. Once again, we had human mistake offered in both however we made use of greater than one guinea pig and also my child succeeded on both of them.

Going down the puck from a taken care of elevation must be enough for that. Physics claims that it must strike with the exact same pressure each time.

this, i do not recognize where you can obtain them however they make shade modification sticker labels that demonstrate how much pressure something was struck with and also if it would certainly of triggered an injury.

The foam is an actually excellent concept, and also Chadd"s approach plus SD"s force-stickers (that"s incredible!) would certainly function completely.

If you intended to toss an extra crease, you can heat up and also cool down the foams a little prior to rounds of screening: one at rink temperature, one at "fish pond" temperature, one space criterion, one warmed up to body temperature. When chilly than EVA ... [I can inform you right currently that VN is a whole lot more challenging [/p>

If you intended to tease with the "optimum flex" concept, you might establish a straightforward straight program that makes up elevation, weight, favored stick size etc. Run explores various individuals making use of the radar weapon and also the exact same stick in 3 flexes. This may be much more expensive than the foam point though.

Many thanks.

I was simply questioning where I might obtain the shade adjustment sticker labels. I did a short search online as well as absolutely nothing actually turned up.

Edit: I simply spoke with my mama. Obviously we require something more affordable. So Back To The Drafting Board;-RRB-

ummm the sticker labels i am unsure of where to obtain however they utilize them regularly on mythbusters as well as they have actually revealed as well as stated them a pair times on the program.

as opposed to colour adjustment (shock watch) sticker labels, why not simply utilize carbon paper as well as see if it notes the typical paper listed below? or place an apple iphone listed below with an accelerometer analysis application.

puck O

foam ======

carbon paper -------

paper ______

If you wish to go * truly * cheap, you could do a "What does hockey tape do?" experiment. To most hockey gamers the solution is noticeable, yet to the laypeople, much less so. While I question there"s a means to determine the RPM on the puck, the concept wouldn"t be tough to highlight.