He"s struggling with some sort of low-grade (= minor) infection, which he can"t appear to do away with. 他感染程度较轻 , 但好像就是无法痊愈 。
Costs has actually gotten on the exact same quality (= his work has actually been of the exact same degree of relevance, or he has had the exact same degree of pay) for a number of years currently. 比尔在同一个职位上已经呆了好几年了 。

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direction does not adhere to the phonics approach, neither does it require methodical guideline in phonemic recognition. Welcoming the concept that depictions might be rated opens numerous intriguing theoretical opportunities. There were no substantial distinctions in attrition prices at 6th as well as
8th qualities associated with peer standing or hostility at 3rd quality. Sandalwood is rated right into a variety of courses which mirror various high quality of aromatic heartwood and also to compare dried out heartwood as well as sapwood lumber. Especially, for the modest decreasing team, we located proof that quality retention intensified class physical aggressiveness, yet just when it took place before age 13. The example was age 11(6th quality) at the initial evaluation and also age 14(nine quality)at the 4th evaluation.
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