- There are 2 methods to capture the aroma of this mission. The very first is to stray around Goodneighbor as well as talk with individuals. Somebody will, ultimately, point out seeking to a person called Bobbi for job. The various other (as well as you require to do this anyhow) is to decrease a slim alley off the road that links the front of Goodneighbor with the remainder. (It's very easy to miss out on. View your right.)
- There's a door at the end of the street, as well as Bobbi will certainly appear and also request your aid with a task. Concur as well as she'll stand out the door open as well as allow you in, beginning the mission. Head right into Bobbi's Location and also take a look around. (This location does not count as ‘‘ possessed ', for whatever factor, so you can take whatever you such as.) Examine upstairs and also you can locate an Advanced terminal to hack right into for some information; or else, head downstairs. Bobbi offers information, little information, on what you'll be doing.
- Experience the close-by door to locate a passage. There are 2 employees down right here that will certainly hurry out after they find a number of Mirelurks. Go into the space they lacked and also you'll discover all 3 Mirelurks one degree down. You can quickly shotgun all 3 to fatality on the staircases. That done, stroll back right into the previous space and also conversation with Bobbi. She'll inform you to head to Ruby City.
Mel, robotics specialist and also detainee of Ruby City in Results 4. Looks suspiciously like a grizzled, older Seth Eco-friendly.

- Make the journey to Ruby City's industrial area, right in the center of community. The noodle store Bobbi informs you to check out is virtually the centre of Ruby City, and also Bobbi herself, covered up, is resting at one of the feceses. Sit as well as she'll describe your goal: you require to obtain a guy called Mel out of prison. He's being held by Ruby City Safety right now.
- You'll discover Ruby City Protection on the much west side of Ruby City, a couple of roads far from the noodle store. Mel is being in the main captive, seen by numerous guards. (Among these men is more crucial than the remainder; you'll simply need to speak with them up until you discover the appropriate one. He typically appears to be the person by the workplace left wing.) You have a number of choices for obtaining Mel out:
Allurement them to allow Mel go. This will certainly cost you 300 caps. Ew.Convince them to allow Mel go. It's not also challenging a check.Threaten them to allow Mel go. This check's a little bit harder.Pickpocket the Ruby City Prison Secret off of the head guard. The guards will certainly come to be aggressive if you unlock while they neighbor, nonetheless, so you're still dealing with a fight.Pick the Advanced lock on Mel's cell as well as allow him out. , if you're seen you'll nearly absolutely encounter a battle with a great deal of guards.Speak to Mel.. He'll discuss a glitched-out Protectron in the area behind his cell. If you can damage the Professional hack on the incurable it will certainly trigger as well as begin striking the guards, offering you help in taking them down and also getting hold of the Prison Trick from the head guard.Barring all else, enter into a battle and also eliminate the guards to obtain the Prison Trick. This will certainly take a while, as they're many and also well-appointed, yet it's rather feasible. Stealth eliminates are practical in right here if you desire a quieter technique, yet the minute you bungle your stealth the entire area will certainly come down on your head.
- No matter exactly how you obtain the getaway done, head exterior and also await Mel to calm down in one area. Talk with him regarding the task as well as he'll run. Head back to Goodneighbor and also go back to Bobbi's Area. She's awaiting you in the passages.
- After some introductions Mel's robotic Sonya will certainly blow an opening in the wall surface. Beyond is a Mirelurk simply waiting to strike. Take it out as well as proceed right into the following, bigger area, which has 2 even more Mirelurks. Await Hatchlings to bulge of the eggs in right here, also. Examine the left for a Blend Core
; look out for Rad accumulation. The following wall surface to blow through gets on your right…
… -… yet if you inspect the northwestern wall surface you'll locate one more area you can breast with too. Inside is a Mirelurk King. Hard, however you must have the ability to lose the important things with Bobbi and also Mel aiding. It's safeguarding a fit of Power Shield, a wonderful suitable for that Blend Core you simply located.
- Maintain going. There's one more area, this red-lit, with 4 even more Mirelurks. You'll be dealing with these men in close quarters, so await some discomfort unless you allow your buddies take the lead - or, you recognize, you lob a nitroglycerin in initial. A lot more eggs, as well, which is constantly enjoyable. The following softer wall surface to blow with below will certainly take you right into a train passage…

Bobbi in After effects 4. She"s such a charmer. -… and also, hurrah, Feral Evil spirits! Great deals of them! You'll rejoice you have pals below, ‘ reason there mores than a lots Evil spirits down in the passages, and also they'll crowd you non-stop. Shred them with the very best weapons you have actually obtained. (Anticipate Mel to fall down a great deal. When to hold back, Guy does not understand. Or… … utilize a much better tool.) There's an Advanced secured protection door on the system you can hack via if you excel sufficient; or else, go through the train on your right as well as traveling to the following system over. There are a lot more Ghouls to eliminate, however less this time around. The following delicate wall surface mores than right here.
- The following shop space has even more Mirelurks, together with lots of already-primed Hatchlings. Enjoyable! Dynamites are respectable below. On the reduced degree is a damaged pipeline; follow it up until you get to one more open location. There are 2 exceptionally harmful Mirelurk Hunters below that can swiftly eat with your armour. Back up right into the pipeline, allow your friends involve them, and also fire from a range if you can. Keep an eye out for Rad structure in below, too.
- Go into the red-lit flow up as well as to the left of the Seekers. You'll appear in a brewery. Utilize the close-by incurable to stand out open the following safety and security door. Beyond is a complicated two-floor quarrel versus even more Evil spirits, consisting of a Beautiful One (which, for me, was Epic - such enjoyable!). Hold your place near the safety door and also allow them concern you if you are afraid being eliminated, as a great deal occurs in this little room. There's an additional Advanced hack safety door on the reduced degree, as well as a cleaner trunk packed with rewards on the top flooring; or else, you're searching for a vulnerable wall surface on the top flooring.
- The following little area has one last delicate wall surface that will certainly take you right into the secure space. Offer Mel an opportunity to conversation - he'll suggest you look the previous passages currently, if you desire, ‘‘ reason this is your last possibility - as well as he'll ask if you intend to blow the wall surface. State indeed, then talk with Bobbi in the following space over to set off the surge that strikes open up the strongroom.
Fahrenheit from After effects 4. Obviously she noticedsomething intriguing on the ceiling in this shot.Yep, it's

not the Ruby City Strongroom. It's… … elsewhere. You'll have a skirmish with Fahrenheit, a female with cronies all set to eliminate, and also you'll have some selections to make concerning your prompt future. You can do the following:
Stick to Bobbi. This will certainly place you in a battle versus Fahrenheit as well as 2 of her cronies. The Triggermen are immaterial - they're both in defence-light Hazmat Fits, as well as simple to eliminate - however Fahrenheit has a Minigun, as well as she'll utilize it to spray you with bullets from above. Hide and also allow your buddies attract her fire. As soon as you eliminate Fahrenheit you can take Hancock's Strongroom Secret as well as her Minigun, the Ashmaker, from her body. Pop open up the Strongroom (the train cars and truck) and also Bobbi will certainly offer you your cut. Mission complete.Betray Bobbi. In this situation you'll have a solo battle versus Bobbi. She's an extra powerful challenger than she looks as well as can take great deals of misuse, yet it's a less complicated battle than going agains Fahrenheit. Bobbi suches as to conceal in shut areas, as well as you can smoke her out relatively conveniently with dynamites. Shotguns and also melee assaults likewise function truly well. Speak with Fahrenheit after ending up Bobbi as well as she'll provide you the Ashmaker. Encourage Bobbi to run as well as reduce. You'll require high Charm to make this job, however you stay clear of a battle. You"ll additionally still obtain the Ashmaker, since Fahrenheit behaves like that.
- Despite just how it decreases, go back to Goodneighbor and also talk to Hancock. He'll offer you the caps for the work if you weren't paid by Bobbi. He'll likewise share a passion in letting go of Goodneighbor, and also you can hire him as a buddy for the remainder of the video game.