Crucible of Fear states in burning information Max Liebster"s torturing trip via 5 Nazi prisoner-of-war camp, consisting of the well-known Auschwitz. With the tornado of Nazi horror, Liebster, a young German Jew, discovers a place in an unanticipated resource - an one-of-a-kind team of detainees that put on the purple triangular. It is a dramatization of survival, yet a lot more, it is a tale of hope as well as ethical guts.

Readily available in: English, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russia, Spanish, Swedish.

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Encountering the Lion


Memoirs of a Girl in Nazi Europe

Simone Arnold Liebster


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Encountering the Lion is the autobiographical account of a girl"s belief as well as nerve. Establish throughout the Nazi profession of Eastern France, it informs the tale of one 12-year-old"s battle to follow her principles instead of succumb to Nazi publicity as well as mistreatment.

Simone"s sincerity regarding her anxieties and also pleasures as well as her traumatic experiences at institution and also in a Nazi jail have actually interested countless visitors, most of whom are youngsters themselves, fighting with comparable peer stress today.

Readily available in: English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Oriental, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

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Taking the Stand

We Have Even more to State

Bernhard Rammerstorfer, (2014)

9 Holocaust survivors as well as targets of Nazi tyranny have actually "taken the stand" to offer their statement as a heritage for futuregenerations. They are from 5 various nations and also were maltreated for factors of ethnic background, politics/ideology, or religion.All in all, they were interned in fifty-four establishments or camps.

The magazine of inquiries, one-of-a-kind on the planet, contains 100 inquiries from 61 institutions as well as colleges in 30 nations on 6 continents, in addition to from the USA Holocaust Memorial Gallery in Washington, D.C. What is absolutely cutting-edge regarding this publication is that all the Holocaust survivors were asked the very same inquiries. Because of this, a point-for-point contrast of their solutions is feasible.

Those whose voices are listened to variety from an inexperienced worker and also a typical homemaker to a stylist, from those that have actually been reasonably quiet to energetic Holocaust instructors as well as to survivors that have actually currently been extensively included in the media as well as whose life tales have actually also been the topic of Oscar-winning movies.

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Unbroken Will

The Phenomenal Nerve of a Regular Guy.

Bernhard Rammerstorfer, (2009)

This publication informs truth tale of Leopold Engleitner, birthed 1905, that experienced World war and also II as well as located the phenomenal guts to reject to offer in Hitler"s military. He experienced offensive ruthlessness in 3 prisoner-of-war camp, as well as on launch evaluated much less than 62 extra pounds.

Astoundingly, he might conveniently have had his flexibility: all he needed to do was authorize a paper relinquishing his spiritual sentences as one of Creator"s Witnesses. He rejected to do it.

In between 1999 as well as 2008, Engleitner took a trip greater than 57,000 miles throughout Europe and also the United States to colleges and also colleges as a witness of background to make sure the past is not failed to remember.

Guide is based upon 15 years" extensive study by writer Bernhard Rammerstorfer, that has actually composed a traditionally exact document of Engleitner"s life tale.

The going along with academic DVD "Unbroken Will" along with docudramas regarding Engleitner"s 2004 as well as 2006 united state talking scenic tours are likewise offered.

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