To the left you can see that the community Argos has the Great Wall surface, as well as fairly vice versa to the right I"m assaulting Copenhagen. Both of these are regulated by Greece right now.

Just how come my soldiers, 2 musketmen as well as 2 longbowmen, just can relocate one floor tile within Copenhagen"s boundaries? I recognize that the Great Wall surface typically overshadows close-by region coming from various other cities, yet in this situation it is plainly outside the wall surface. I likewise recognize that it can be a little bit undecided with the graphics, so I refilled the savegame as well as there"s no wall surface close-by Copenhagen.



Extracted from below:

Opponent land devices should use up 1 additional activity per ceramic tile inside your area. The wall surface incorporates every one of the region of the human being that has actually constructed it. Free Walls in the city.

So the important things to draw from that is this area: The wall surface includes every one of the region of the people that has actually constructed it

And after that within the facts area:

Although the marvel influences all floor tiles under the proprietor"s manage, what you see on the map just prolongs as much as 5 ceramic tiles far from the city in which it is constructed with the exemption of coastline as well as sea ceramic tiles, and also offshore islands (though the ceramic tiles still need to be under your control), as well as it broadens each time you refill the video game up until it gets to the 5 ceramic tile restriction in all instructions.



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