An apsara is a holy fairy from Buddhist and also Hindu folklore, typically shown dance and also grinning. They can be located in multitudes in bachelor's degree alleviations of numerous Angkor holy places, such as Angkor Wat as well as the Bayon. The apsaras arised throughout "the churning of the sea of milk", a popular floor from the Hindu impressive Mahabharata.



A devata or thewada is a women holy being, generally shown standing. Devata originates from the Sanskrit word "deva", which equates to divine. As apsaras, they are typically located portrayed in bas alleviations of Angkor holy places.


A baray is a titan, guy made water storage tank. It is not recognized with assurance what the function of the barays was. Excavators think that they belonged to the watering system or offered a spiritual function. At the facility of the barays the Khmer built a holy place on a synthetic island. The biggest baray in Angkor is the West baray, which was greater than 7 kilometers long and also 1.7 kilometers large.


An entry gateway or entryway structure in the wall surface that borders a holy place. Gopuras are usually excellent frameworks with makings on pediments and also lintels. Most of the big holy places have a gopura in the facility of each side of its bordering wall surfaces.


The linga or lingam is a symbolic depiction of the Hindu God Shiva, a rock depiction in a cylindric form. The linga was positioned in the main refuge of a Khmer holy place to be venerated.


A serpent from Buddhist as well as Hindu folklore usually portrayed with several heads. In numerous Angkor holy places they are located on Naga bridges or sculpted on lintels and also balustrades. The King of the Nagas is Mucalinda, that shielded the practicing meditation Buddha from downpours with its hoods.


An intense beast with big teeth. Just the head with a top jaw is illustrated, no reduced jaw. In Angkor Kalas are commonly located sculpted on lintels and also wall surfaces of holy places.


The spiritual bull, the place of the Hindu God Shiva. 3 statuaries of Nandi are located before the towers of the Preah Ko ("the spiritual bull") holy place.


Equipped guardians. They are normally located in sets, one on either side of eviction safeguarding the entry to the holy place.


An animal from Hindu and also Buddhist folklore, fifty percent bird, half guy. In Hindu folklore Garuda is the install of Vishnu. In Angkor they are frequently located in makings on lintels and also wall surfaces.

Naga bridge

A bridge with balustrades lugging Naga serpents. Naga bridges acted as the symbolic depiction of the going across from the globe of male right into the globe of the Gods.


A Dharmasala or "Residence of Fire" is a remainder residence with fire where vacationers might sanctuary. It is recognized from the Ta Prohm stele there were 121 remainder homes with fire on the highways from Angkor to a number of crucial communities in the realm.


A rock table etched with details regarding the holy place, such as its beginning day, the King that started the holy place as well as the Gods to that the holy place was devoted.

Mount Meru

The facility of deep space in Hindu and also Buddhist cosmology. The Angkor "hill holy places" like the Bakong as well as Phnom Bakheng were construct to be a depiction of Mount Meru.

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