CharacterRoleActorActor AgeStatus
Victoria BarkleyBarkley matriarchMiss Barbara Stanwyck58Attributed
Nicholas "Nick" Jonathan Barkley2nd Barkley child,/ Home supervisorPeter Breck36Attributed
Health BarkleyTom Barkley"s 3rd boy/ Aide home supervisorLee Majors26Attributed
Audra BarkleyBarkley childLinda Evans22Attributed
Amos FarrellLou Farrell"s dadLee Krieger48Attributed
Louis "Lou" FarrellBoyDoug (Douglas) Lambert47Attributed
"Doc" MoodySt. JOhn physicianKevin Hagen39Attributed
Tom WillsSt. John community marshalJames Whitmore55Attributed
"Red"St. John bartenderJohn J. Fox43Attributed
SallyDrinkery person hostingSusan Strasberg29Attributed
M&M Stageline phase motoristChuck Roberson48Attributed
Lou Farrell"s pal in grey hatJim Galante25Attributed
Lou Farrell"s good friend in tan hatWilliam (Expense) Henry Lancaster19Attributed
St. John shop staffPedestrian Edmiston41Attributed
Lady that places Sally on the stagecoachClaudia Bryar49Attributed
FredGuy relocating bagsUncredtied
3 females in team placing Sally on the stagecoachAnonymous
Mrs. FarrellLou Farrell"s momDiscussed
Jim Galante"s sisStated
Sally"s papaPointed out


DevelopersA. I. Bezzendes & Louis F. Edelman
Exec ProducersArthur Gardner, Arnold Laven & Jules (V.) Levy
ManufacturerLou Morheim
Manufacturer"s AideMarian Carter (Woodworker) & Marilyn Fiebelkorn
Manufacturing GuidanceNorman S. Powell
Manufacturing SupervisorDon Torpin
Manufacturing CoordinatorrTom (Ernst) R. Rolf
Supervisor Virgil W. Vogel
Aide SupervisorBob White
AuthorDon Ingalls
Style Songs AuthorGeorge Duning
Songs GuidanceAlfred Perry
SongsElmer Bernstein
Songs EditorHarry King
Supervisor of Digital photographyWilfrid M. Cline, A.S.C.Sound Don Thrill Audio Results Kay Rose ContentManager Bernard(
W.)Burton Modifying Arthur D. Hilton
Art Instructions Jack DeShields( Jack F. De Shields
)Establish Designer Pierre Ludlum Cosmetics Sidney PerrellHairstylist Windstorm McGarry Closet Robert B. Harris Barbara Stanwyck"s
Closet Jack Muhs Casting Harvey Clermont Feat Dual(anonymous)Jeannie Epper Manufacturing Firms 4 Celebrity Productions & Margate Specialist
Organizations International Partnership
of Theatrical Phase Workers(I.A.T.S.E.)Recognitions Seminar ofthe California Historic Cultures Shooting Place Collections CBS Workshop Facility-- 4024 Radford Opportunity Workshop City, Los Angeles, The Golden State, USA of America Geographical Referrals RedrockSt. JohnTucson, Arizona Area, UnitedStates of America Valley Victuals DuckWild rice Resources The Big Valley episodes(composed, talked as well as credit scores)Net Flick Data Source(IMDb) Private monitorings Keep in mind: offer debt when credit rating schedules.

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