Weeks after the event, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Ahsoka, and also I were rather hectic. Not just did we encounter Savage, Darth Maul''s sibling, that obviously was the brand-new pupil of Dooku, however we were later on carried to an unidentified world, uncovering 3 old beings, however they likewise stated Anakin was the picked one. Nonetheless we were the just one that learnt about this area as the earth was later on ruined as the child, that had close connections to the dark side, desired to run away the earth. Regrettably we weren't able to record Savage as well as he got away to that understands where.  

& #xA 0; In spite of being active with the objectives and also fights, Obi-Wan and also I took care of to discover time to ourselves. Presently, Anakin, Obi-Wan, as well as Ahsoka got on an objective. I advised to opt for them, yet Master Yoda notified me that the Council desired to see me. Baffled as well as instead worried, I got in the council space to discover several of the Masters right here, while some such as Obi-Wan, Master Mundi, and also a couple of others were calling us via holograms. I bowed prior to them as I stood in the center of the area. "You wanted to see me, Masters?"

"We have undoubtedly." Master Windu stated. "Our team believe we have actually discovered a padawan for you to instruct."

My eyes expanded. Wait ... me show a padawan? I was frustrated.

"You desire me to show a padawan?" I duplicated.

Master Ti responded. "Yes, our company believe you' would certainly make a terrific educator, thinking about all the tests you' have actually dealt with."

My face brightened. "... Well, I' would certainly be recognized to take a padawan."

"We understand you would certainly." Master Mundi stated with a smile.

"Do not fret, Masters. I will not allow you down." I guaranteed them.

"We understand you will not. I sense you will certainly succeed." Obi-Wan commented with a cozy smile.

"Waiting your padawan is." Master Yoda notified me.

"He is waiting on you in the garages together with your brand-new army." Master Ti included.

I left to the garages to see an army of duplicates along with a young male Cerean around the age of 14 or 15 once they educated me of my objective. He bowed as quickly as he saw me. "I am O-Mer."

"It' behaves to satisfy you, O-Mer. I''m Iretia Emestre, your brand-new Master." I welcomed, returning his bow.

"General!" The duplicate cannon fodders then said loudly as they praised me.

"Secure, soldiers." I responded.

Then, the captain of my soldiers approached me. "General sorry to disturb, however we''re prepared to leave."

"Quite possibly, Captain ...?" I tracked off, not recognizing his name.

"CC-5576-39, General!" He said loudly.

"Comfortable, Captain. What do they call you?" I made inquiries.

"Gregor, ma''m." He responded.

I grinned. "Well Captain Gregor, I anticipate dealing with right into fights with you and also your guys."

"Also, General." Gregor responded.

 & #xA 0; & #x 2022; & #x 2022;

& #x 2022; O-Mer was a fantastic young padawan, he was rather favorable, constantly trying to find an escape. We came to be a terrific group. I additionally obtained my very own army together with a Captain called CC-5576-39, yet I called him Gregor. O-Mer ended up being like a little sibling to me, as well as Gregor as well as his males became my good friends. Presently, we got on a Republic cruiser on our means to Sarrish. O-Mer as well as I were reviewing the approaches of strike.

"When we' have actually gotten to the surface area of Sarrish, we''ll take service providers and also gunships, which will certainly decrease us onto land." I started as I indicated a holomap of the world. "While the gunships care for the opponents from the skies, the AT-TE pedestrians will certainly aid in a ground attack. When we land, we anticipate great deals of androids."