A weapons covering is terminated at an angle of 46 over the straight ground with a preliminary rate of 1620 m/s. The velocity of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2. (a)Locate the complete time of trip of the covering , overlooking air resistance. Response in devices of minutes.

(b)Discover its straight variety, overlooking air resistance. Response in systems of kilometres


(a) We have formulas of activity: x = 1620cos46 ° t, y =1620sin46 ° t-4.9 t2.

At last minute y = 0 and also 1620tsin46 ° t -4.9 t2 = 0, t = 0(minute of terminated )or t= 1620sin46 °/ 4.9=237.8 s= 3.964 minutes

( b) Straight range x = 1620cos46 ° · 237.8 m =267607.4 m=267.6 kilometres

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