Misconceptions of the Pharaohs are brand-new challenge products in Curse of the Pharaohs. Each of the 4 immortality areas in the growth has Stelae (rock tablet computers) places, where you need to situate and also review the Stelae. As soon as you have actually discovered as well as review all 4 stelae in each of the 4 immortality areas you will certainly get a Pharaohs Misconception puzzling problem which results in the area of the Pharaohs prize.

This is an overview to all the Stelae places in the Heb Sed immortality area in addition to an overview to discovering the Prize of Ramesses.

Stelae Locations

There are 4 stelae places to locate in the Heb Sed immortality area.

Orion's Crater

Orion's Crater stelae lies in the easter component of Heb Sed,

On reviewing the Orion's Crater stelae, you will certainly open The Great Forefather pharaohsmyth.

Wanderer's Relax


Wanderer's Relax stelae is lcoated on the western side of Heb Sed. You need to go up to the leading scaffolding system at the rock development to reach it.

Checking out the Wanderer's Relax stelae will certainly open the God pharaohs misconception.

Pavillion of Reasoning

The Pavillion of Reasoning stelae is lcoated basically appropriate in the facility of Heb Sed.

Reviewing the Pavillion of Reasoning stelae will certainly open the Flame-Haired God pharaohs misconception.

Royal Guards Relax

The Royal Guards Relax stelae islocated in the western component of Heb Sed, it is simply north of the Wanderer's Relax stelae.

Reviewing the Royal Guards Relax stelae will certainly open The Engineer of Egypt pharaohs misconception.

Prize of Ramesses Area

Since you have actually discovered as well as check out all 4 stelae in Heb Sed, you ought to currently have actually obtained the Prize of Ramesses pharaohs misconception. Like the various other ones, this will certainly have a puzzling idea, aiming you towards Ramesses' prize.

An imposing similarity, Triumph, staring over countless Kadesh A Coward's feet get away over the gustless sands. Scared as a youngster he looked for shelter in the Great Heart Yet clutched with wonderful malevolence, he exists red among barking serpents.

This puzzling idea is really instead useful, from the message we understand that the prize is concealed someplace near among the substantial Ramesses statuaries that are populated around Heb Sed, we additionally recognize that the staute is neglecting the Battleground of Kadesh.

The sculpture we require to head to is the one with the rapid traveling factor in addition to it, this set ignores the Battleground of Kadesh. Head to this statuary of Ramesses as well as you must discover some impacts in the sand, near the side of the statuary. Adhere to the footprints round till you encounter a gap/crack in the rock. Go into the prize as well as the space will certainly get on the left. Simply keep an eye out for the 4 Cobra's that exist.

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